Mario Legend DCKnuckles
Feb 3, 10 1:13am
I just wanted ta' tell you since i havent yet....

you'll alas be welcome as blood brawler of darkness!

Better yet a Blood Brawler!

Stay awesome man!

Heres a picture i got bored and made for you

Ragnell Swinger DCKnuckles
Apr 11, 09 7:27am
Boy oh boy where 2 start with this guy Well 4 starters this guy is frickin awesome.He reminds me of a great friend of which is funny cause he's a great friend of mine as well.when I first met Dc he seemed pretty kool,but as time went by he became stupendously awesome.I can go 2 this guy 4 anything advice,banners not 2 mention he's pretty awesome at making them.Though he maybe kind and kool that doesn't describe his characters.This guy has 1 heck of a sonic 0_0 it's really unique.I always enjoy brawling this guy,and I know we'll continue 2 be great friends.Don't worry we shall have those epic brawls ^^

JesseTheKing DCKnuckles
Mar 17, 09 3:47am
hey thanx for signing my guestbook so im signing urs back
well i remember whenever u were a co in bb u and spyro were sum great co-leaders and now u and him r the leaders of the most active brawl crew.ur sonic and lucario r awesome keep it up dude and those zss battle were pretty epic to

srry i dont have a stamp for u maybe next time