I am God in the flesh, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent!

Or maybe I just think that I am?

Do you want to mess with me and find out?


***Due to abuse of this account, it has been temporarily suspended from posting until May 22 2005 06:59:44 pm (GMT).

Moderator's Note on this ban:

You have 31 days to change your act around entirely. Your responses and behavior on the site have become less and less acceptable as time has passed.

It is the decision of the administration to suspend your account for the time being to allow you to reflect and improve your posting habits before returning to the forums. Acting like a pedophile and posting defamatory comments are some of the key areas that need to be corrected.***

This craps all over yours Jespomo!
Acting like a pedophile-LOL
That is freaking hilarious!

Has anyone ever been banned for acting like a pedophile :P
Hey that is Alleged Pedophile to you Buddy!

Kiss my ass Jespomo!
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