I.....uh..................................I live over there...........(pointing over there)

( thumbs up, cheesy smile!! )


Howdy yall I be a guy who likes games and cheese.(??????)

WoW rules (world of Warcraft that is)i like most games mainly RPGs, FPS etc and the occasional Racing but pretty much all games in general. Mainly Computer Based Games:
-Rome: Total War
-C&C: Tiberian Sun, Yuris Revenge, Generals etc
-Dawn of war and Winter assault
and id say that roughly them.

T.v: Lately no been much of a T.v Fan (in no particular order):
-Family Guy
-Malcolm in the middle
-The Simpsons
-My Wife and Kids
-Fresh Prince of Bel Air (at times)
-Kiss( really im kidding)
-Wild Boyz

Music includes:
-Taking Back Sunday
-Bowling For soup
-Green Day
-Dropkick Murpheys
-Lost Prophets(they have their moments)
-The Offspring
-Blink 182
-Bad Religion(of what ive heard)
-The Living end(of what ive heard)
-System of a down
-Bare Naked Ladies
-Black Sabbath
-Less than Jake
So Mainly Punk, Ska and general Rock.
(Im bound to of missed out some)

Books include:
-Darren Shan (best books to date)
-Lord of The Rings
-Harry Potter :/

-White Dwarf

Catch you guys on the Flip-Flop later

**Wink and a Gun click**

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