Do you prefer Footy now or a different season? Personally I prefer a few years back, like 09-10 period because I do miss club

common question, who do you think has the best support, and while we're at it, the worst support?? For the Best: I

I'd like to be West Ham in the Championship with Zamora and Sheringham etc. So does anyone have a link for it?

Basically, the thing is you have to combine different musicians from different bands to create your own one that would just b

Was watching Schindlers list earlier and at the last scene I felt tears, the film was that sad. Especially when Oscar Schindl

The fact that you can't sell. I have noticed on every save it's so hard to sell people, and when you do, It's for

I've started playing football quite competitively for Raja Casablanca youth and I was wondering what sort of a player you

Tonight I purchased a German Shepherd and wil pick it up on Saturday, and I personally can't wait, I already have a Siber

I Installed CM07 and went straight to windowed mode. however now the bottom part of the menu is cut off so I can't start

I think it's epic when teams have brothers, has anyone got any good regen brothers to SS? I've never had any :(

I was talking with a few mates, and we were talking about our favourite ever players. And we included the season we most like I'm in a netgame with a mate who's brand new to FM. and HE I

First of all, I want to say, I don't care If you call me a cheat or w/e, I am just posting this if anyone wants to have f _'I HAVE A BURNING PASSION FOR FOOTBALL AND

I have a few: Driving Test Gonna try and give up Smoking Football/Soccer Moving to another apartment Wbu?

Is this a glitch? On My city save, first I sign Osvaldo from Sao Paolo, he is GRANTED a work permit, yet then I go to select

Is it just me, or is Sergio Aguero astoundingly shit on this? I have him as a poacher, and he misses the easiest *bleep*ing o You know what it is- The gr

We had these threads in 13 and 12, come here to vent your frustrations at this game. *bleep* sake In the title race, Chel

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