I had an absolute epiphany when I was playing Football Manager earlier, I was thinking about the absolute collection of Barba

http://www.swindon-town-fc.co.uk/images/Badges/3D/180/BadgeWelling_United.png The greatest, they said. The Untouchable, th

Couple of questions regarding them: 1.) Can you have different colour flares? Only ever seen red. 2.) Can you see them

http://i.gyazo.com/50a202a77b6fb9765ab951948fe53b95.png It's back! The famed Youth Academy challenge Created by @Parma


They've done very well making FIFA realistic this year, but to go one further, what commentators do you want on the game?

The most controversial of all world cups will be held in Qatar. 8 stadiums, 8 cities. Many people have had a go at this World

(Obviously Qatar hosting 2022 doesn't count) I've never seen that low, but Im doing 22 WC with England and China

Do you prefer Footy now or a different season? Personally I prefer a few years back, like 09-10 period because I do miss club

common question, who do you think has the best support, and while we're at it, the worst support?? For the Best: I

I'd like to be West Ham in the Championship with Zamora and Sheringham etc. So does anyone have a link for it?

Basically, the thing is you have to combine different musicians from different bands to create your own one that would just b

Was watching Schindlers list earlier and at the last scene I felt tears, the film was that sad. Especially when Oscar Schindl

The fact that you can't sell. I have noticed on every save it's so hard to sell people, and when you do, It's for

I've started playing football quite competitively for Raja Casablanca youth and I was wondering what sort of a player you

Tonight I purchased a German Shepherd and wil pick it up on Saturday, and I personally can't wait, I already have a Siber

I Installed CM07 and went straight to windowed mode. however now the bottom part of the menu is cut off so I can't start

I think it's epic when teams have brothers, has anyone got any good regen brothers to SS? I've never had any :(

I was talking with a few mates, and we were talking about our favourite ever players. And we included the season we most like

http://gyazo.com/8c748cbcecfe67a022fc7fe3e20e9c27.png I'm in a netgame with a mate who's brand new to FM. and HE I

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