I punched a fish in the face today, then I told the lady to close her legs.

I just wanted you to know that. And I miss you.
HEY I'm your biggest fan and even though i sent u a message i need u to know that i replaced my
first forum with the new one and that u cud reply
sup hot stuff. sweet ride ya got there.

"it's a secret" HONESTLY?!


I prefer the no-poop-Yorkie to the many-poop-Galaxy. But the latter is so good. Iono. Why does no one sign yours anymore? Then again, that's a good question for mine as well.
The Marshmallow God sends his regards to your guestbook by letting a giant monster rampage through it! Good luck getting rid of him

omg.. you didnt get a valentine stamp either. what is happening to the world. is stamping illegal or something?

Happy Valentines. or S.A.D. in our case. lol
May your love life be more blessed this year
I love your avatar! You've had it up forever! Never take it down!


Thought I needed to get off my lazy butt and stamp people's guestbooks for once.


And say hi.


1. My favorite word is Pharmaceutical.

2. You have cute cats.

3. We get it Oprah, you want everyone to like you.

That is all...for today...

Hi, saw you on the Loungin' forum!

Can't... get the damn blood... turned into text!

Well it is my stamp that i am stamping with MUAHAHAHA..Yeah well you can't have my soul coz Ruka has it sorry.
PS-............................. ......................... ......................... ......................... .................................................. LOL KALI SUX WEARS UR YIDDISH UP NOW?!1!1!
As per the instructions of the Goddess GexTheLizard, I am here to let you know that you are the sexiest man alive, and you're way out of my league. BUT! If I were to somehow be in the same league as your sexiness, we would do what is depicted in my avatar for hours on end as the Goddess watched in amusement. THANK YOU, AND GOODBYE.
Praise be to Quicksilver

Goddess Kali, high and mighty,
Shines great and bright,
bathing us all in a glimmering light.

In comes she,
and out goes I,
screaming with a gracious voice,
'Sing me a song, or else ye shall die!'

And woe is me,
if I do not satisfy,
the elegant beauty,
that is Goddess Kali.

So I shall praise her once,
praise her twice,
praise her with chicken soup and rice.

This signing has been brought to you by Just For Now, adoring slavie of the Goddess Kali, She Who Must Be Obeyed.

I <3 Yunie

Well i hope u sign mine, i just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas or Noel in French! i neva told you i speak french did i? anway turns out i still have lots of fun talking to ya

you have been wished a merry christas by *drum roll*

~* Cute Phantasy*~
Here's the Christmas version of my stamp ^^ Hope you liked my present...

Merry Christmas, wish I could spend it with you...
Congratulations! You’re on my Christmas list.

I'm going to Google Santa Claus.
I'm going to Google him because
He does a lot of kinky stuff
that common sense forbids.
The hat, the sleigh, the biker beard
all strike me as a little weird.
I want to check him out before
I let him near the kids.
I'm going to Google Santa Claus.
His gay apparel gives me pause.
I'll find out what he smokes
and if he used to be a dame.
I want to know what kind of guy
goes mushing reindeer through the sky.
I want to know what Vixen did
to earn that kind of name!
And so I'll Google old Saint Nick
and find out just what makes him tick.
I'll search his background thoroughly
and learn his every vice.
Old Santa's in the hot seat now.
He's had it coming anyhow.
It's time we knew for certain
if he's naughty or he's nice!
Scott Emmons

Have a great Christmas!

Love Kali

PS I know we don't really know each other, but I'm a friend of Gex's.

Well this is my original stamp, thought it was lost for good when I deleted my old website quite some time ago... It turns out some of the site was still around, strangely. Well here it is. Enjoy


Yooo sup?
Congrats on your... whatever.. it was..
*forgot what it's called.*

Uh.. I remember one thing!
You have a job! Yay!
Work slave... Wait.. you're not my slave anymore! ._.

Anyway, I'm going to go. BYE
Hey DG seen you around the Resident Evil forums alot and you certainly know your Resident Evil information so I thought that I would sign your Guestbook although it's not in my own blood, I'll just use this stamp

Please sign back
Well, as someone else signed it(so I can stamp you FINALLY!), here's my birthday stamp for you

Oh damn! You've stolen my soul again Well... Not like you already didn't have it anyway...

Sai and Drakan sends you their greetings.

you know what'd be funny?
If this wasnt actually your birthday.. lol

Remember the moment right before you put on your away message today?
And how we werent talking for a long time?
Yeah I was drawing this. lol

I'm tired to laugh at your old age.
Happy Birthday.

That's right, you get the entire set of 7 of my collector's edition stamps. Have fun, especially on 56 K

Hah! I finally got a stamp. It's of Rena and Ouka from .hack//DUSK Have fun.

Wow. I cant believe I made it through.
That was very entertaining, and
I wish you a long and happy marriage
from the bottom of my heart.

And dont make the girl cry
Or I'll kill you with Alex's knives.
If he has any.

Anyway. I'm going to go.
Heys, haven't signed your guestbook yet, so I figured I would. Don't have a stamp anymore... but I'll make one soon! Ah, getting kicked off now...