What they could do is just keep the controller as is and add a flip out LCD screen to the back of it. So it flips up... read more

Can't wait wait to pay 40 more dollars for an expansion!

Not. EA will never get my support. read more

Typo in the first paragraph under the quote. Says thought instead of though. read more

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quote Rabla
quote MetallicaDragon
Still angry about the winner... that shit only won cause of...
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changed his custom title to "Grood"

*bleep* it, let's start a kickstarter campaign for them! Lol. I loved those games so much. read more

quote Bergin
Batman: Arkham City for £4.99. Cannot possibly grumble at that.

Anyone think Dishonored will go any lower...
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I've been waiting for Arma to go on sale for months so I could finally play DayZ. But I spent money on an Amazon... read more

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There you go, every so often devs do listen to fans!
Until they make a Call of Duty or Battlefield,... read more