I really am 14 years old. I was born under the sign of the Archer as a Saggitarias. Horoscopes say that Saggitatians are natural athletes: Just like me.

I was born in the Gateway City: St Louis, but soon moved away to a town that is obsessed with sports. Luckily, so was I. My first game was soccer at the age of 3. I've played it for 11 years now. I've played nearly every sport in the book.

When I turned 6 my doctor revealed that I had a problem. I had a severe case of ADHD. It gave me hyperactivity to the extreme! I soon learned how to use it to my advantage, though. Like Naruto, I learned how to access my ADHD and use it. It gave me more energy that any 6 year old should have. With it, I ran a blazing 6:25 mile... In third grade.

But, like Naruto, the ADHD eventually started to take over me. I had treatment, medicine, everything. It didn't work. I eventually learned how to control it with will power alone. So I now have a massive energy source inside of me. It gives me an edge over everybody I compete against in any sport.

Awesome people:
(Just because you aren't my Neofriend doesn't mean I don't think you're awesome)

orochimaru1993: My first Neofriend.

Dragon (Swift Finch): He's just awesome. What else can I say?

Kat Bide: I didn't like him at first, but then I guess I got used to him, and I think he's pretty cool.

Felony: He was the one who kept me from flooding, and eventually getting banned. Thanks a million!

Any moderator: You guys keep this place orderly. You all do a great job and I hope to one day join your ranks.

Fluidity: She helped me get onto the Fire Emblem Portal Staff. She's also generally cool and nice. Definitely a great person.

Smash Fanatic: It's more of respect than a friendship. He's the best FE debater I know. He may come across as an asshole, but he's still an amazing person.

Kenshuma: I doubt he knows of my existence, but that doesn't stop me from being in awe at his amazing Brawl skills. Maybe the best on Neoseeker.


I can proudly say that I am addicted to 3 things in life; Jones Soda, Beef Jerky, and Basketball.

Anyway, I'm starting to study the concepts of the brain, which I hope to use in creating the greatest Virtual Reality video game in the world. That is my dream.

Things I'm currently doing:

Working out for Cross Country

Taking an engineering class

Planning to go to Philadelphia

Celebrating the end of school

Studying the brain

Taking Karate

I'm the top drummer in our school, which makes me pretty proud. I've been drumming since I was about 4 years old. I started with a little plastic drum, then moved to pots and pans, then a lone snare drum, and then the set. I've got a few cool solos I'm working on at the moment. If you see any cool solos, feel free to tell me about them. I'm always up for a challenge. =]


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