The outcome probably depends on if you think Goku was considerably stronger in that movie than in the buu saga.

Could SA17 beat this deadly trio if he had all of Gokus power at his disposal?

In movie 10 Broly has a golden aura and golden hair, now in m8 both are green, but as we see when SSJ3 Goku fights kid buu hi

Can Goku beat Shenron in his Super Saiyan God 2 form?

I have him at 200-210 million and have no idea where to place King Cold, what are you guys thoughts on this?

Ginyu said he thought Goku's full power was 60,000 and knew he was holding back, and the kaioken seemed to take much long

This is when Vegeta and Trunks that fought Cell VS Goku and Gohan when Goku unlocks the ASSJ form.

I was just thinking about how funny and a twist it would be if when Goku threw his spirit bomb it hit Hercule whom absorbed i

Piccolo says that after Frieza transformed he had the power of ten Friezas, now it could of been an exaggeration if he said t

Apparently in GT Trunks says Piccolo is stronger than he is, can someone tell me what episode and roughly how many minutes in

Turles who ate one bite from a fruit was >kaioken x10 Goku, later on he is shown having eaten a whole fruit, so he might e

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