If Cell absorbed the Z fighters could he stand a chance against injured SSJ2 Gohan whom had a broken arm?

The SSJ's have a power level of 100,000 and together they form a 50,000,000 pl who wins?

I think it's about time me got some power levels in here, so state 'em.

I don't know about the manga, but after Spopovich and Yamu stabbed Gohan, after he was healed he says "Wow, I feel e

People who believe Super Buu (with or without absorbtions) is >>>>>>> Kid buu(me) and people who believe

How would EoZ Piccolo fare against post three years training SSJ _Goku_, _Vegeta_, _Trunks_, initial SSJ _Gohan_, Android _16

Android 13 fights the Cell that Piccolo first fought, who wins?

How would he react and what would he do if he Goku and King Kai were on snake way?

Who wins? Meta cooler increases his power not once but twice in this fight, like if he regenerated after Goku and Vegeta atta

This is a fusion dance of Movie 8 LSSJ Broly and CG Piccolo.

Baby Broly 0.1% = 10 Steroid Farmer = 10 Who wins?

A lot of people seem to forget that RSSJ Broly managed to tank a SSJ Vegeta's kick to the neck and ki blast, could FP Per

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