This is when Vegeta and Trunks that fought Cell VS Goku and Gohan when Goku unlocks the ASSJ form.

I was just thinking about how funny and a twist it would be if when Goku threw his spirit bomb it hit Hercule whom absorbed i

Piccolo says that after Frieza transformed he had the power of ten Friezas, now it could of been an exaggeration if he said t

Apparently in GT Trunks says Piccolo is stronger than he is, can someone tell me what episode and roughly how many minutes in

Turles who ate one bite from a fruit was >kaioken x10 Goku, later on he is shown having eaten a whole fruit, so he might e

We might be able to figure out some power levels if we figure this out. Vegeta could destroy a planet and he was at about 18,

Could a fusion of M10 LSSJ Broly and SSJ2 Gohan beat Super buutenks??

Only the elites managed to make it so their tail's weren't a weakness, then again; Broly had a PL of 10,000 so he sho

Could a fusion of Goku and Piccolo beat buu?

If Gotenks didn't defuse and stayed as SSJ3 would that be enough to bridge the gap?

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