Cviko's achievements in AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome
This achievement is an award which is awarded for achieving 10,000 kisses total.
May 31, 12
Awarded for racking up over 999,999.999 points total.
Dec 30, 11
Awarded for breaking 1,000 scoring plates.
Jun 5, 12
Seriously. Christmas mall music eventually seeps into your brain, and you get...
Dec 30, 11
Awarded for completing your 128th jump.
Dec 30, 11
Get exactly 68 kisses in one level. Not 67, unless you then get the 68th. 70...
May 28, 12
Geez. So, like, you're parachuting, and your velocity has decreased to the...
May 29, 12
Awarded for completing 4,096 jumps.
Complete the 43 new levels in Awesome. You know, the lower levels? When you...
All fives. All five stars. On all levels. 81 levels. Yeah.