Harvest Moon girl Curt Connors
Jul 7, 09 1:59pm
When you go to a restaurant on the weekends and it’s busy so they start a waiting list, they say, “Dufrene, party of two, table ready for Dufrene, party of two.” And if no one answers they’ll say the name again: “Dufrene, party of two.” But then if no one answers, they’ll move on to the next name. “Bush, party of three.” Yeah, but what happened to the Dufrenes? No one seems to care. Who can eat at a time like this? People are missing. You people are selfish. The Dufrenes are in someone’s trunk right now, with duct tape over their mouths. And they’re hungry.

Now, have a compliment:
You're a guy with an awesome sense of humor and I always enjoy our late night chats. The fact that you let me call you Big Papa just for kicks makes you even better not to mention the fact that you get pretty much all of my nerdy literary allusions/jokes. Oh, those jokes in the GD at Enigma's expense was just marvelous.

Love, your favorite globetrotter and mine,
Justpara Curt Connors
Aug 13, 08 1:25pm
well,well, well, This is where you hide out. Signing your book to say




Breeze Curt Connors
Dec 24, 07 2:31pm

Breeze Curt Connors
Aug 2, 07 10:19am
Hey Si.

Character limits suck.
Deis Curt Connors
Jul 30, 07 3:50pm
We both share our birthdays with writers? You get Enid Blyton, I get William Goldman.

I win.

jakeass22 Curt Connors
Jul 21, 07 10:51am
hey curt connors, thanx for helping me get my stamp working, so i will post it here first. if it works lol.

p.s, plz sign my guest book too, lol.

My shower scene.

Angy aka Flower aka Cariad aka Whatever new pet name you come up with for me.
Chris Player Curt Connors
Apr 24, 07 7:17am
Unblock me from your PM list. I have some serious stuff to talk about to you.

Im super dooper serial

Wiidemption GTFO

Unblock me from your PM list. I have some serious stuff to talk about to you.
Gary Curt Connors
Apr 18, 07 9:40am
Hey Curt, thought you deserved a signing.I don't have any of those fancy pant stamps for you though, but when I typed fancy pants stamp into google I got this so it'll have to do:P.

Anyway! Thanks for the advice and for always listening to my silly problems. You're a top guy.
Sereph Curt Connors
Apr 10, 07 2:58am
I took a screenshot of your profile, so that means I have stolen your e-soul! I'll sell it back for a measely $19.95...until I hear a response from you, I will stamp your pathetic guestbook...

Your guestbook is now spooky.
sloprano Curt Connors
Mar 17, 07 3:59am
well, this is just me saying thanks again dude. you and chiro really put my head straight. she was totally out of my system now. on to china!!
papsmcgee Curt Connors
Mar 16, 07 1:56pm
You enjoy this guestbook signing or Crazy Eddy eat your testicles! You die of gonorhea if you no like! No kill the leprachaun, they no like it when you squeeze them for charms! Third eye from the middle is key to victory!
ulitmate taz Curt Connors
Nov 26, 06 3:23pm
This is my 3rd random signing now

Random signing spree FTW
Tko Curt Connors
Jul 17, 06 7:32pm
Hello i have seen you around Neoseeker so i am signing your guestbook and stamping it.


Restless Beth Curt Connors
Jul 5, 06 11:12pm
...how can I compete

Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your participation on the Oblivion board and your posts. I respect your knowledge of the game and intelligent way you communicate your thoughts. Thank you for the game chats and for your guidance and assistance setting up me up with an aviator and such.

Your Neofriend, Beth
Iconic Curt Connors
Jun 12, 06 7:30am

I thought I would bless you...

Ameeeeeerican Dreaaaaaaam
He's just a common man
Working hard with his hands
He's just a common man
Working hard for the man
Hey he's American Dream
Hey he's American Dream
If you are black or white*
Redneck bucket backs four wives*
Blew right through kaleidoscope*
Common man has got his gold
Hey he's American Dream
Hey he's American Dream
The American Dream
Yeah Yeah Yeah
The American Dream

Devils Demon Curt Connors
Apr 14, 06 1:51am
Yep, it is indeed Orlaith McAllister. You got it with 3 hints.

Hint explained:

Hint 1: I've never used her in the quiz before. - I was keeping her till last on purpose.
Hint 2: Famous from UK tv. - Big Brother
Hint 3: She's Irish - Well Northern Ireland to be exact.

Banner Used


Everyone has their own tastes of course but personally I feel she's on absolute beauty. I'd rather have her then Paris Hilton anyday.

Anyway thanks for participating in the quiz.
I might do it again some day but for now your GB will no longer see a new beauty from me.

I couldn't stamp you 3 times in a row, so I had to use my other account.
Mnmfan Curt Connors
Mar 23, 06 2:23am
Yep it is indeed Sharon Stone.
You got it with 2 hints.
Hints explained:
Hint 1: American Actress - Yep she is.
Hint 2: Famous for not wearing underwear - The famous crossing her legs scene in Basic Instinct.

Banner Used

Mnmfan Curt Connors
Feb 21, 06 2:53am
Yep it is indeed Jakki Degg. You got it with 4 hints.

Hints explained:
Hint 1: She's an English model - Yes she is.
Hint 2: Max Power Covergirl - She often appears on the cover of the Max power magazine.
Hint 3: Voted best Page 3 girl - The Sun readers voted her best page 3 girl a few years ago.
Hint 4: Shares first name with Mr Chan Jackie Chan

Banner Used

Shadow Rue Curt Connors
Sep 21, 05 10:17pm
Just thought I'd swing by and sign...

"Easy breezy beautiful Covergirl!"

Stamped by the Shadow Rue!
Eagle Eye Curt Connors
Jul 21, 05 6:17am
How are you today CURTCONNORS?
I'm just signing your guestbook enjoy!

From Eagle Eye.

BTW: Sorry I can't put a Stamp into your nice guestbook, I'm making a new one, so I'll sign again when it's all done, it's going to be good .