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Apr 15, 10 11:43am

Hmm, counter acting twist.

Today confirmed something that I had been guessing for quite some time. In class today, we had to make a thing about survival and such. I had plenty of ideas and jokes I threw in while making it with my group which they found funny.

So now, we had to present this in front of the class. I don't really know the people well, so the kid that everybody knows read it. The class was laughing hysterical. I was glad they were happy and laughed, it's what mattered. But if I would of read it, I would of gotten weird looks. Always happens.

People always use my jokes/comments I make. I usually say it quiet to one person, and then they'll yell it. I don't know, it's odd. If something's funny laugh. If it isn't then, well just because your friend says it you shouldn't laugh. I'm sorry.

Just makes me feel like a piece of shit really, this happens almost daily. A few people "love" me. Most consider me weird but they haven't gotten to really know me. Then again nothing really knows me, you neoseekers probably know me best. I put my pure thoughts out here, in reality it's harder to think. Harder to explain. My vocab goes up alot online, typing brings it out. That's besides the point. Appears my jokes have taken a form of communism, shared by all. Shit happens oh well. I really need to stop cursing.

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RHJ44 Apr 17, 10
Same here.... Sort of... If I tell a joke, people laugh, then some scumbag tells the joke, and nobody laughs.
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CupsOfSauce Apr 17, 10
Lol, guess I'm the scumbag then but yeah lol.
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Maf Apr 30, 10
Similar feelings here. Whenever I tell a joke, nobody seems to laugh, because they don't know me that well, but if I tell the joke to my friend then they sey it out loud, everyone laughs. It's awfully annoying.
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IntoTheAbyss May 24, 10
Most of the time people wont think something is funny until 1 of their friends thinks its funny, just the way stuff works. i dont think it's right though

It was just given to me. I didn't ask for it.

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