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Apr 12, 10 10:01am

Throwing piss in your lemonade sadly.

I originally planned to make a video of me and my musical abilities, but after watching some technique videos, in comparison I'm garbage so I forfeit. I'm not going to pour more upon the heaping pile of garbage that youtube has of guitarists. Maybe if I wake up tomorrow with awesome powers. All my motivation and desire to learn more is lost. Everytime I get enough balls to try a song I get bitch slapped back down.

This is the song I'm learning, I can get it down I believe. It isn't too much difficult over the other things I know.

That didn't bust my balls.

This did.

Just excercises, but he knows the neck so well and what every note does. Anybody can parrot a song, when it boils down I'm just a record player. A "guitar god" to the ignorant, a bitch to professionals. How can I ever achieve such knowledge. and with my desires and wishes crushed. It truly is hopeless.

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Demonfurby Apr 13, 10
Pick up the piano. It'll get you the kind of pussy you want.
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CupsOfSauce Apr 13, 10
I'm learning the piano part, it's very nice. I can play a bit of piano but it's not my main instrument. I don't play it enough really but I know why way around it so to speak.

It was just given to me. I didn't ask for it.

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