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Apr 11, 10 12:04pm

The taste of Glory

My fellow brothers and sisters, I have not forgotten about you. I claimed in the past to upload a video sometime of myself and I will do so. I'll be setting up a Youtube Account tonight and maybe record some stuff later on in the week. Hopefully what I put up will satisfy, we'll see.

That felt like a typical "tweet" or blog post, it felt dirty but necessary sadly.

You people should look up your favorite bands and such, search about their spiritual/influences/what are they promoting. The fruit produced tells you what the tree is made of, a sick tree won't produce a lush apple. Saw/read/seen some sick shit on Kanye West and Jay-z. Jay-z is definately into the occult shit, his whole clothing line is dedicated to it sadly.

May an open mind with a clean spirit guide you, peace.


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It was just given to me. I didn't ask for it.

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