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Apr 8, 10 12:18pm

Subtle, the Grip of Fates are.

I don't expect many people believe in fate, especially absolute fate. Of course there's the fate of death itself, but this is something different.

All right, you have a plain T-Shirt. You have plenty of colors and tools to make it into whatever you want. Too many colors you have a mess and everything is ruined. You can paint your shirt to do as you please, be kindness. Be it hatred. Somebody is always going to hate your shirt and someone is always going to love your shirt. Eventually it will fade in time and be gone.

Regardless of your "choices" you're still given a shirt. You weren't asked if you wanted it, or if you wanted to paint it. You can choose to do nothing. No point. No difference really, you still own and then lose the shirt. The biggest trick fate ever gave us, was the illusion of freedom. It's these freedoms that bind us to our fates. You're never in control what you get or what you can give really. Due to our selfish nature we're bound to keep it. We only give when it benefits us, or if others are watching.

Burn your shirt, do whatever. The stains are permanent and are reminders throughout of our life.

Look at the Beatles. Preaching peace with man while pissing on "God". John Lennon, loaded with bullets drowned on his own blood. George died with the very same lungs used to deceive people in his music. Hussein hung up for display after destroying so many lives.

This is where I say there's two kinds of people on this Planet.

Victims and Abusers.
Innocent and Guilty.
Worthy and Worthless.
Ignorant and Desperate.
Alive and Dead.
Cold and Warm.

But everybody, is a reaper and a sower.

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Strawberryclock Apr 11, 10
Keep it up man. I'm getting a kick out of this.

But that shirt metaphor was sloppy. Where did you get the shirt? Wouldn't you have to buy it? That's not fate, that's buying a shirt.

It was just given to me. I didn't ask for it.

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