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Apr 4, 10 7:23am

A Pair of Scales.

Consumption. The destruction of another brings continuation and life to the other. Appears there is a balance.

Gravity. The movement upwards is bound to fall. Makes me question whether the purpose of power is to die, really. Power results in weakness? Gah.

Ignorance. This word gets thrown around more than a fake whore within a horny club filled with men. If it wasn't for ignorance we wouldn't seek knowledge. We're always ignorant to something within our lives. Who knows what we're missing out on, something we could enjoy so much. More than our most favorite things at the moment. I won't get into possibilites.

Strength. This one I don't know. There seems to be no balance at all. The weak always perish under the stronger realms it appears. You may say "there's always somebody stronger" but there's always somebody weaker as well. It doesn't makse sense, there's no balance between the two. So is strength situational rather than factual?

You know what? None of what I said mattered. Who gives a shit really.

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Chad Apr 7, 10
Who gives a shit? I give a shit.

Well strength is an attribute that is gained based upon a number of variables including time, effort, being fortunate, etc. I would probably try to break down those first before moving onto the result of them.
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hbn Apr 7, 10
You seem like a cool bloke.

It was just given to me. I didn't ask for it.

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