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Apr 15, 10 11:43am

Today confirmed something that I had been guessing for quite some time. In class today, we had to make a thing about survival and such. I had plenty of ideas and jokes I threw in while making it with my group which they found funny.

So now, we had to present this in front of the class. I don't really know the people well, so the kid that everybody knows read it. The class was laughing hysterical. I was glad they were happy and laughed, it's what mattered. But if I would of read it, I would of gotten weird looks. Always happens.

People always use my jokes/comments I make. I usually say it quiet to one person, and then they'll yell it. I don't know, it's odd. If something's funny laugh. If it isn't then, well just because your friend says it you shouldn't laugh. I'm sorry.

Just makes me feel like a piece of shit really, this happens almost daily. A few people "love" me. Most consider me weird but they haven't gotten to really know me. Then again nothing really knows me, you neoseekers probably know me best. I put my pure thoughts out here, in reality it's harder to think. Harder to explain. My vocab goes up alot online, typing brings it out. That's besides the point. Appears my jokes have taken a form of communism, shared by all. Shit happens oh well. I really need to stop cursing.

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Apr 12, 10 10:01am

I originally planned to make a video of me and my musical abilities, but after watching some technique videos, in comparison I'm garbage so I forfeit. I'm not going to pour more upon the heaping pile of garbage that youtube has of guitarists. Maybe if I wake up tomorrow with awesome powers. All my motivation and desire to learn more is lost. Everytime I get enough balls to try a song I get bitch slapped back down.

This is the song I'm learning, I can get it down I believe. It isn't too much difficult over the other things I know.

That didn't bust my balls.

This did.

Just excercises, but he knows the neck so well and what every note does. Anybody can parrot a song, when it boils down I'm just a record player. A "guitar god" to the ignorant, a bitch to professionals. How can I ever achieve such knowledge. and with my desires and wishes crushed. It truly is hopeless.

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Apr 11, 10 12:04pm

My fellow brothers and sisters, I have not forgotten about you. I claimed in the past to upload a video sometime of myself and I will do so. I'll be setting up a Youtube Account tonight and maybe record some stuff later on in the week. Hopefully what I put up will satisfy, we'll see.

That felt like a typical "tweet" or blog post, it felt dirty but necessary sadly.

You people should look up your favorite bands and such, search about their spiritual/influences/what are they promoting. The fruit produced tells you what the tree is made of, a sick tree won't produce a lush apple. Saw/read/seen some sick shit on Kanye West and Jay-z. Jay-z is definately into the occult shit, his whole clothing line is dedicated to it sadly.

May an open mind with a clean spirit guide you, peace.
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Apr 8, 10 12:18pm

I don't expect many people believe in fate, especially absolute fate. Of course there's the fate of death itself, but this is something different.

All right, you have a plain T-Shirt. You have plenty of colors and tools to make it into whatever you want. Too many colors you have a mess and everything is ruined. You can paint your shirt to do as you please, be kindness. Be it hatred. Somebody is always going to hate your shirt and someone is always going to love your shirt. Eventually it will fade in time and be gone.

Regardless of your "choices" you're still given a shirt. You weren't asked if you wanted it, or if you wanted to paint it. You can choose to do nothing. No point. No difference really, you still own and then lose the shirt. The biggest trick fate ever gave us, was the illusion of freedom. It's these freedoms that bind us to our fates. You're never in control what you get or what you can give really. Due to our selfish nature we're bound to keep it. We only give when it benefits us, or if others are watching.

Burn your shirt, do whatever. The stains are permanent and are reminders throughout of our life.

Look at the Beatles. Preaching peace with man while pissing on "God". John Lennon, loaded with bullets drowned on his own blood. George died with the very same lungs used to deceive people in his music. Hussein hung up for display after destroying so many lives.

This is where I say there's two kinds of people on this Planet.

Victims and Abusers.
Innocent and Guilty.
Worthy and Worthless.
Ignorant and Desperate.
Alive and Dead.
Cold and Warm.

But everybody, is a reaper and a sower.

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Apr 4, 10 7:23am

Consumption. The destruction of another brings continuation and life to the other. Appears there is a balance.

Gravity. The movement upwards is bound to fall. Makes me question whether the purpose of power is to die, really. Power results in weakness? Gah.

Ignorance. This word gets thrown around more than a fake whore within a horny club filled with men. If it wasn't for ignorance we wouldn't seek knowledge. We're always ignorant to something within our lives. Who knows what we're missing out on, something we could enjoy so much. More than our most favorite things at the moment. I won't get into possibilites.

Strength. This one I don't know. There seems to be no balance at all. The weak always perish under the stronger realms it appears. You may say "there's always somebody stronger" but there's always somebody weaker as well. It doesn't makse sense, there's no balance between the two. So is strength situational rather than factual?

You know what? None of what I said mattered. Who gives a shit really.
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Mar 30, 10 8:51am

It appears I now have a blog. I'll be surprised to get any responses, most likely since nobody gives two shits on a brick, but that's okay. I prefer genuine hatred over false hope. Taking it a bit far but what the hell, it's an intro.

Can't but feel like I'm isolated on an island, writing to someone who'll never read, or can't read. Either way, doesn't matter. Wasting my time, but what isn't? Just opinions, but that too does not matter. This is about me now but in the future posts will be of, other things. Keep it easy. My apologies.

It was just given to me. I didn't ask for it.

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