WAAAAAAAAAA!!!! =[=[=[ I cant be bothered to get people to sign my guestbook...I'm way too lazy. It's a shame your interent connection is gone, now MSN is pointless and boring...AND I KNOW BIG BROTHER IS ON SOON WOOOO...I might only see what kind of people go into the house and if I see any bitchy, back-stabbing, slutty people then I MIIIIGGGHHHHTTTT watch it lol .....I think I'm way too judgemental don't you? OK nothing else to say apart from junjo romantica is cool but I prefer the manga than the anime becuase it is more original and like the story line is better whereas the anime changes the storyline slightly which makes me MAD RRRAAAWWWRRRR.....

ttfn =3 <3 =3

P.S my favourtie couple is the far left one although the voices in the anime for them do not suit them in my opinion.
i saw that you signed my guestbook, so it's only fitting for me to do the same:)i've seen you around, you seem like a pretty cool person:)i guess i'll see you around the forums.


ha, i figured since i didn't do a decent job before i would come back to fix the job
Halo Halo Halo!
You're getting it.
That's right.
Listen, when you see giant aliens with spines and huge things on their arms.
And if you must, take them out long distance and don't let up on them.
They are tres difficile.
here ya go CC. i dunno how to stamp.
oh well if its important enough i'll just pm it to ya.
great.... ....now i gotta meet the minimum character quota........... WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
23 days till Christmas. That's right.

Hope you get Halo and whatever else you want.

...And it says I can't enter this until I have 125 characters.

...So...what's new?
I just gotta say, I love Starmie! It's my favourite Pokemon! I love the sea and mainly starfish, so Starmie (and I guess Staryu too) are cool! I also like Togepi and Togetic! But yeah, um. . . Bye! XD
you randomly win a trip to the OH24 arena! Your first opponet is....THE FIRE DRAGON!!!!!!!!
^-^, seems we have a lot in common,

youve been stamped
nooooooooooooooooo i want a real oneeee n your not getting your game OR your tenchi dvd till i get one

lots of love


lovelove xx <3<3


It's me! Sorry about not telling you who I was, but at least you know.

Consider this G-Book SIGNED!

P.S My banner is not a Fire Emblem Character. Nor is he a VG character.
Thanks for asking no she isn't yet I hope she will be soon though anyways thanks for stamping and I'm gonna return the favour.

I like the username! Here's my stamp and sign back. =)

Well, you said in your sig you wanted a guestbook signing and I saw my friend here so TA-DA! (Don't forget to sign back!)

ok im signing cause your sig said to - here is a stamp - lets be neofriends^_^
hey your sig told me to sign your guestbook so her i am

seeya around - sign back plz

Sign back k?
well see you around or something
(Just playin )

Thanks for signing my Guestbook. It's not like I die for that kind of thing, but I really appreciate when people do it. And sorry if it's kind of late for wishing a great summer. I don't know, since I do not live in the Northern Hhemisphere I can't possibly hope to know when it's "your" summer xD.

I completely (looks around. there may be children seeing this)... am horrible at Photoshop, so I can't make a good stamp. I will start one right now. When it's ready you will see it right here.

BTW. I will possible find this out soon, but I will ask anyway. Are you the type that enslaves people who post on your GB?
PS, doesn't anyone know that 'Konnichiwa' is spelled with two 'n's? Goodness. People these days...
I finally got around to seeing your stamp in my GB... Sorry!

Anyway, I havent seen much of you, feel free to PM me!

/And/ to top it all of, you like the same anime's I do. =) Here's a stamp. Do you recognize the character? (It's Sailor Moon....)


Saw your Rei Hino stamp in Humonculous Lover's GB. Loved it! Just thought I'd drop in and say Konichiwa!

Thanks for signing! I didn't have a stamp but I did have this picture that I spiffied up on Photosho! So you can consider yourself stamped!

Be seeing ya! Oh yes and Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year to you!! ^___^

~*Happy New Year*~

Hope you had fun. ^^

Stay safe and take care.


Hey! What's up? Well, it's Christmas and it's chilly so I guess I'll make it quick. I hope, I helped you in any way in the forums and I hope you have success in whatever you do. Merry Christmas and God Bless! Cheers!