Last 10 Threads started by Crystal Creation
CC's Cloning [Closed] 82 Sep 01, 2014
FT: UT Events ~ ~ LF: Any UT events I don't have 79 Aug 04, 2014
Dream Ball Female Collection 54 Jul 26, 2014
Does my Excadrill need to change? 2 Apr 11, 2014
LF> HA Vullaby/Smoochum in regular Pokeballs FT> Inside 3 Apr 07, 2014
LF Vullaby Safari, but adding anyone 2 Apr 05, 2014
Alakazam dislikes Sucker Punch 15 Mar 29, 2014
[closed] 9 Mar 24, 2014
Your Favourite and Worst Pokemon Cries 14 Jan 13, 2014
What will you bring across from B2/W2? 5 Dec 21, 2013
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Majora's Mask 3D Officially announced and all that 14 Nov 06, 2014
Built-in Computer Games 14 Nov 06, 2014
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Greatest Idea Mafia (Game Over) 1553 Oct 02, 2014
Greatest Idea Mafia (Game Over) 1553 Oct 02, 2014
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