Celipink Crystal Creation
Mar 18, 09 10:59am
Hey Josh, You probably don't remember me haha.
It's you old buddy plastic tree/Ziggy bird/Celipink.

Where you've been? I miss talking to you haha. It's been such a long time since I've spoken to you. Perhaps over a year? Well whose counting anyway?

But I hope you come back

Your friend
Katsumi Crystal Creation
Dec 26, 08 3:02am

Merry Christmas!
Hope you're having a great time, opening presents, and doing all sorts of christmas-y things, too bad I can't do such things,as I don't celebrate Christmas. XD


Yo, It's me, Aina. :L

Come back from under your rock, Joshie! ;-;
A lot of people here miss you, your humour, jokes, presence and graphics!
You've been my friend for SO LONG, and now you have to leave me like that, SHEESH.
Talk about no manners. D:

Warm regards,
Aina. <3
Phenomena Crystal Creation
Nov 30, 08 2:01am

My moo cow is so much better. :3
It produces chocolate milk that never ever expires. Plus. It's immortal. :L
Joshie, I miss you. D:

You need to get on msn more, or I'll cry. TT_TT

I've been forced to stamp you by my master Trend. So here I am. =P

»Trend, my one and only master.«
Aurora Angel Crystal Creation
Jun 16, 08 7:38am

Where have you been? ;-; We aven't talked in ages basicly. D: We PMed a couple of times and I miss talking to you.

PM me soon or else. D:


~ Crystal
Msld Crystal Creation
Jun 16, 08 5:03am
Hey Joshie!

Paramore <3

Signed by you know who!(no not Voldemort silly!)

- Kia

Eddie W Crystal Creation
May 27, 08 6:39pm
Heya I haven't talked to you in aaaaaaggggggeeeessssssss!!!!!!!!!!! Leanr to come online more often (online on msn I mean!) anyways yeah I'm bored.....Oh and I did tell you I would put up a nice piccy so enjoy ; )

P.S I know it sucks becuase its still got the book line down the middle but still....CALM DOWN IT'S ONLY A PICTURE LOL

Byes ^^

P.P.S It's sad how I've made this seem like I'm talking to myself....or maybe it's just me.......hmmmmm

Aether Crystal Creation
May 11, 08 8:29pm
Why am I stamping you?

Don't fap too much.

♥ AE ♥
Eddie W Crystal Creation
May 10, 08 6:00pm
No problem I'm always here to help ^-^....oh yeah I havent signed your guestbook in like ages wow....oh and thanks for thattokyo mew mew thing it was awsome!!!


Oh yeah and fruits basket RAWKS XD

Dark Arcanine Crystal Creation
May 7, 08 12:57pm
Let there be Dark Arcanine and so it was. Now he comes to grace your guestbook with a good stamping! Return the favour or fear the wrath of God.

Stay a good friend!

AWESOME! Love talking to you! And ssshhh, I have a secret to tell you soon! ^.^

.:: Stamped By Kia ::.
Aether Crystal Creation
May 5, 08 1:09am
Thanks for the tiny help in my homework. xD

Try not to fap too much. ^___^

♥ AE ♥
I've stamped you!

Pwease stamp back?! And thanks a lot joshie about the other day. *cough* did find out, but everything's k now. =]

~Love Kia

Msld Crystal Creation
Apr 13, 08 7:09am
Joshie, you haven't been on in 9 days! D=

Have you left neo?! =[

..:.. .::. ... Msld ... .::. ..:..
happy... uh... 17th? i think that's right ^-^

anywho, what'd you think, that i'd forget? WRONG! go me!
*happy dancing*

i really don't know what happened, why don't we talk anymore? PM me once in a while!
i'll reply, i promise!

anywho, before i forget... here's a fresh stamp, hot from the oven ^-^

I didn't make it... but it still holds dear meaning.
so enjoy it.

lol, have a good birthday, and may all of your dreams come true.
(as if i could've typed a cornier line -_-)

Bluepikky24 Crystal Creation
Apr 2, 08 6:23am
Hi, Josh. Well, what can I say about you? Here's a few things I have realised about you since we met. You are a awesome person, and are great at making banners. You are a true neo-friend and a loyal person. You're awesome, you're awesome, you're awesome. Sorry to repeat myself, but it's just to make my point more clear. Here's the stamp. It may have been around for a while, but that's fine.

I think it's quickly becoming my best one, thanks to you. It seems that I have a lot to say, and I do. By the way, please check out my fanfic. Here's a link:

Please read it, enjoy it, and most of all, sign back and plese tell me what you think about it.
Dragon Crystal Creation
Mar 8, 08 10:29am
[color=#AA0000]Since I signed. Well, I pretty much have to resort to things like this to actually get a response from you.

Yuri stamp ftw.
Ineedhelpalot Crystal Creation
Feb 23, 08 12:35pm

I know your into POKEMON not HARVEST MOON , but it's the stamp I just made. It has a witch on it who is so OOOLLLLDDD!!!
Fluidity Crystal Creation
Feb 22, 08 8:06am
Thanks for the signing. It meant a lot to me, so like I promised, I'm here to return the favor. Sorry I'm a bit late, but hey, you and I both know that's my thing. ;D

Just want to let you know that I enjoy our in-depth conversations via PM, even if we are a bit slow to respond. There are things to do though, so it's understandable. Plus, we can look forward to it more while we're waiting, I guess. Always look on the bright side. ^__^

So, since I also don't have a stamp, here's a picture for you to enjoy:


Haha, peace out. <3 (:
Mrblikey Crystal Creation
Feb 16, 08 7:47am
Benn A Long time since i signed yer guestbook. you signed me, so i gotta sign back.

Oh, and mcguinty in Canada declared FAMILY DAY, its happenin this monday, and my university is acctuly letting us have the day off! SWEET!

F0x Crystal Creation
Feb 15, 08 4:36am

Thanks for being my neofriend! Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Bluepikky24 Crystal Creation
Feb 14, 08 5:29pm
Hello, josh. How are you doing? Happy valentines day to you too. Believe me when I say we have a massive neo-family, will you? And, just because I feel like it, here are the three stamps you have given me since you first signed my guestbook.

Also, I don't know why I'm doing this, but I also want to stamp a picture of my character Regan on the Pokemon Story 4 thread in the Pokemon Leafgreen forum. Hope you like it. I got it from Empoleon1996 (our neo-mum).

.::Happy Valentines Day!::.

Hi Joshie! Hope to talk to you soon! Hope people give you tons of Valentines day things!

Bluepikky24 Crystal Creation
Feb 7, 08 10:35am
Hey, Crystal Creation. How are you? I'm just stopping by to say hi to my newest neobrother. Because we're now neo-brothers, I guess that means that Lazerdog is our Neobrother as well. Lol. Good luck with your exams this year.

Your Neobrother,]