Hallo thar. I have the ability to clone! Up until this point, I've been doing clone-trades, but I'd like to make an o

Hey all. Basically I'm just looking for UT Events that I don't have. Notes: - I don't mind different natures

What can I offer? - Any other breedable Hidden Ability Pokemon - I have them all, except Vullaby/Smoochum. - I can also

Hey guys! Really looking for that Vullaby Safari! Post your FC here if you have it, but I'm also adding anyone who likes

Hey guys, well my Alakazam often has no trouble outrunning certain Pokemon and finishing things off with its good power in th

When a Pokemon enters the battlefield, it makes its own signature Pokemon Cry. So my question is this: Which are your favo

So, with the Pokemon Bank 6 or so days away, what will you be bringing across to X & Y? I'm a massive Hidden Abili

Would love to know how to remove his 6 year-old fanart from his profile! Can't seem to find a way, to his own annoyance. (www.3rdperson.com)

Hey all. I'm looking for Hidden Abilities that I don't own. I'm also interested in 5IVs. I'm not really look

To anyone who uses the Wonder Trade, have you ever received any Nicknamed Pokemon? From the unusual to the creepy, discus

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