C'mon R*! What's the deal?? Good thing i just got Diablo lll to pass the time. Yea i know more hair-styles, clothes,

Well let's see what happens tomorrow! Been reading up and supposedly one dlc is coming out tomm. And another one the 13th

I'm surprised nobody has noticed coveted has been removed for about a week now! Are they re-tooling it?

http://i1139.photobucket.com/albums/n549/Crypto421/CAM01176-_edit_1396808386972.jpg Del Perro Pier?? Lol I seen this in S

Ok, WTH is going on? I think coveted & high priority case is removed as well. A friend told me that high priority &

Ok, I'm sure by now regardless of what platform your on we keep locking up freezing. This has been happening since the bu

Ok, i have looked up & searched. I know it's Job Points, but what is it meant for? What is it's purpose or is it

Yes i am pleased with the jester &Turismo, masks too! But our tommy guns are gone? Why? They were suppose to be permanen

Ok, i'm sure you all have a go-to murdering weapon, lol. It's pretty obvious the fav is the Combat mg! But i'm a

R* took down online as we know but what else are they doing? I've heard putting in nti-cheat measures & even talks o

Ok, well I've been thinking about this for a lil while now, and yes R* is improving with certain mechanics of the game bu

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