Crux has led something of an adventurous life. He wasn’t born, but rather, assembled in a biogenetic laboratory, in order to become the perfect living weapon.

After the complex was raided by eco-terrorists, Crux escaped in the confusion and caught a ride on a plane headed for freedom.

However, the plane was caught in an electric storm and crashed in the jungles of Brazil. Here, he was raised by wolves and wild apes for a few years, after which he travelled the world to find the ultimate battle.

To keep his strength up, he wrestled grizzly-bears in Siberia, and fought in underground cage-fights in Thailand before defeating the Muay Thai champion who killed his one true love before his very eyes.

He was caught afterwards and turned into the bodyguard of a ruthless dictator for a while before shaking off said dictator’s evil influence, and was forced to fight an evil version of himself.

Our hero prevailed and single-handedly tore the empire down, granting happiness and freedom to all the people that had been enslaved.

Crux spent his days training harder for the battle yet to come – the battle for the Vatican. However, he was detained in the semi-finals, fighting the old Pope's bodyguard-bear. Meanwhile, Senator Palpatine snuck in undetected and stole the Vatican right from underneath Crux' nose. By the time Crux had thrown the bear into submission, the Iron Pope Championship had ended, and Crux left with the setting of the sun, muttering "Ceremony means nothing, the fight is everything".

It is rumoured that he now wanders the world, searching for a sword that's stronger than the matchlock rifle. Nobody knows why, exactly.


Coffee, bubble-wrap, swashbuckling, bare-knuckle boxing, waving the black flag of piracy


"...And when he drills open the cosmic mystery, he'll get a face full of men - MY men! Loyal footsoldiers of my war on everything, and DEADLY!"
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Review: GunBound - GunBound: Digital Crack

Apr 13, 2004

Here's a game you shouldn't take at face-value. It's easily dismissed as "another Scorched Earth/Worms-ripoff", which in essence, is true. However, Gunbound delivers this idea in a truly superior fashion, by giving its players more incentive to...

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