MasterZX Crusad3r
Jun 16, 11 11:21am
Lol I just realized I never signed your guestbook! Unfortunately, I hadn't made a stamp in a looooong time, so this is an old stamp.
Quetzalcoatl Crusad3r
Mar 13, 11 4:49pm
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Supa Saiyan Gogetta Crusad3r
Nov 11, 08 9:20pm
Your profile commanded it.

Signed, with my personal banner as a gift to your Guestbook. =]

SSJ3 Trunks Crusad3r
Jul 14, 07 8:24pm
It's been a while man! Don't cha remember me? I made that banner with kakashi's sharingan for ya.
Ya the really crappy one.Just wanted to drop you a line.
If ya need a banner or avy, pm me dude.
See ya later-
~SSJ3 Trunks
Gamer128 Crusad3r
Mar 28, 07 5:07pm
Hey! Im just signing guessbooks cause Im bored and its getting weird having to type this over and over again but I dont feel like using the same message See you sometime on MS forums
yusuke123 Crusad3r
Jul 14, 06 6:22pm
Just dropped by to say you can see. Actually i'm siging some peoples guestboks in the MS forums. Even though I quit I still like to help people and I know ALOT about the game so if you ever need help just pm me k.

Sign back would you please? Thanx and bye