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  • "My goodness, 2 years since the last update. I've pretty much got every class to 3rd job, except Night Walkers and Thunder Breakers MapleStoryLIVE"
    lil dragon kid Mar 16, 13 11:51am
  • "4th Job is almost imminent. Preparing for Ravana! Hopefully, my sniper can kill the lowest level Ravana...and loot a helm. CB, hiatus? MapleStoryLIVE"
    lil dragon kid Feb 2, 11 6:27am
  • "118 Dragonknight 106 Hermit 109 Ranger Fuck this game MapleStoryLIVE"
    chimhazard001 May 24, 10 10:29pm
  • "I love it. I'm a Lvl.34 wind archer, and a lvl.42 Aran. Also Lvl.25 Evan, 30 Hunter, 30 Theif, and a few others. MapleStoryLIVE"
    MasterZX Nov 8, 09 6:57am
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