I would've loved to participate and watch the stream (they got giveaways don't they?), but... read more

Without spoiling anything, the cinematic was amazing. Best LS update so far. read more

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Most memorable moment? The Tower of Nightmares. It was the first time that any map was changed so... read more

quote Xperious
I totally read that as "Gears of War 2: Season 2" for some bizzare reason lol
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Looking forward to this, but not looking forward to how it'll kill WvW for a lot of servers > read more

I can't believe this woman is still at it. I watched her first 3 videos and found them to be... read more

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It feels like some Nexon employees played a bit too much Bastion one night and decided to base... read more

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Of course Skyrim's graphics are better, it's not an MMO.
Why is this a thing? Why can't... read more

quote Aurora
That's the first complaint I've heard about TESO's graphics. As far as I can tell,...
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ESO is a mess anyway. Quite suitable for the console scene as it is with its stupidly crappy and... read more

Yep. Loaded into HOTM and lagged for a good 5 minutes before everything settled down. Thought the... read more

New traits are all but useless, but the new design for them is good.

Hating the megaserver thing. read more

Bit wary of how this affects server communities... The RPers and WvWers and such read more

Blog post mentions the wardrobe has been worked on for a long ass time.

Not sure why account bound... read more