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Honestly disappointed there was no Deathmatch 15vs15 (or... read more

Nothing in the trailer about Rytlock. Might have to wait for LS3 for his return. read more

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The best part of the patch was none of the above! WvW update was also included:
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They have also added the largest jumping puzzle to the game in the Silverwastes. I...
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Why would they remove PvP when it's GW2's best feature? The combat system in GW2 is amazing and... read more

It's nice to see ANet putting so much effort into sPvP, after it was neglected for so long. The... read more

The hype is real.

Abbadon fractal incoming probably. Seems to have a WvW defense event thing going... read more

Hopefully they'll open up all of Dry Top and another map by the end of S2. Playing LS is pretty... read more

Wow, I had completely forgotten about Titan. It's a pity it's getting cancelled, but the MMO... read more

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I just started playing I keep hearing their a lack of end game so I want to know...
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I'm hoping *crosses fingers* that it's a new dungeon. Certainly the entrance looks like it. Almost... read more

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I would've loved to participate and watch the stream (they got giveaways don't they?), but... read more

Without spoiling anything, the cinematic was amazing. Best LS update so far. read more

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Most memorable moment? The Tower of Nightmares. It was the first time that any map was changed so... read more

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I totally read that as "Gears of War 2: Season 2" for some bizzare reason lol
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