Keera CrossHound
Jul 20, 09 5:19am

Hey Cross!!~ Just thought I'd pop in here and sign your guestbook
<3 Kitties <3
spottedfire CrossHound
Jun 29, 09 7:43pm
Hey CrossH thanks for telling me where to get a banner and thanks for posting in the warriors forum and if you want to join in fot you can so see your avatar around.
Keera CrossHound
Jun 1, 09 2:08am
I just got home from vacation and you're sitting here signing my yearbook... I wonder what you're gonna say.. And it'll be really colorful too ^.^ Okay I'm like A.D.D. at the moment.. but oh well. I'm scatterbrained and you know that. I'm tired. I wanna play Rock Band.. it'll be sad cuz sissy can't go downstairs with her hurt foot an all... she could have sang while you do guitar and I do drums. It could have been great fun but no. I love taco <3 <3

~With much love~
Your Twin
~<3 Keera <3~