Well, first off, I'd better warn everyone that I can get extremely hyper and crazy, especially when I'm bored. I'm quite happy to tell anyone who will listen what new injury my evil calico cat Callie has inflicted on me. (She really is evil--like, rule the world evil.) I love to ride horses, read, draw, and write. I'm really only good at drawing Wolf's Rain-like wolves, but I can do pretty good on drawing just about any other animal (it's people I suck at drawing). I couldn't paint to save my life, so don't think I'm some multitalented geek. Though, now that I think of it, I probably am a geek... and a weirdo... but hey, that's me, and I'm ok with that. I love all animals, excluding the female mosqito. I will not hesitate to let a spider crawl on my arm (unless it's poisonous--I'm animal crazy, not stupid). I love the outdoors almost as much as I enjoy reading, but seeing as we have a pond in our backyard (mosqito breeding ground) my fav season to go out in is winter (most mosqitos are dead). I love manga, and most books with animals in it (mainly werewolves). I have three cats and a dog. My kitty is named Kisa, after Kisa in Fruits Basket (I thought she looked like a little gray tiger). Callie is technically my dad's cat, and she hates everyone but him and my grandma (what can I say? The cat's weird). The other cat is named Wind (we don't know why) and the dog's name is Buddy (I know, super creative). Buddy used to be a stray that everybody hated, until I, at the glorious age of 8 and a half, decided I wanted to pet him. So now he guards us with his life (only us, not the house itself, which is okay I guess). I guess I've bored you enough now... I'll stop talking (or typing). See ya! ^^


My fav band is Linkin Park, but I also like Three Days Grace and many other rock bands. I like most games, but Okami would have to be my fav. Wolves are my fav animal, so a game with a wolf in it is always fine with me. I'm pretty ok with most music and games (especially creepy, bloody ones like FEAR and FEAR 2). I really don't know what else to say, besides I like just about anything...


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