Hi! this is my new noe home,where I'll put a lot of game related things. First of all,my name is Carlos,and you can call me Carlos or either Crono Link,some guys ask me how I get that cool name,cuz Crono and Link are cool,Ok,I'll finish in some days,so watch here later!! Try my quiz after read this and my biography to see if you're really my friend! Ok,lets start: I'm here from November,22,and when I get into the forum I didn't expect that my time here shall be SO fun,here I learn a lot of things,and knowed most people,all of the are gracefull and fun,but some of them...NO. All my life I dream in have Internet,since I need to pay a lot of money to can play or login here,but Santa didn't give me that,that's the first bad thing of my life,and th other factor,my sister,SHE IS SO UNGRATEFULL,and make anoying to anybody! That's my sister). OK,now I'll talk about my fiends : The first is Saria 87,she is very nice whit me! Is intelligent and is cool! now,the second is Coolgames120,he's a cool friend, that I knew some time ago,he is all time asking me about my country,is very cool to me have a chat whit him! I like she too much! Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!