vanillagigglez Crocodylus
Jan 8, 06 4:47pm

Hi, I'm vanillagigglez and I'm signing your guestbook today because my slave master weatherlover427 / sodadrinker777 ordered me to or else he said he'd send a blizzard of 10 feet of snow to where I live:(
vanillagigglez Crocodylus
Oct 9, 05 5:01pm
Hey! Random signing spree, hope ya return the favour!

Love Vanilla
AINZY Crocodylus
Aug 27, 05 4:52pm
popping in to say hello there and what a great day it is well here are the best cricket team in the world!!
Pls sign back
NSX Crocodylus
Aug 23, 04 2:04am
[color=olive]Your guestbook has been signed by whom? Guess.

See you around Crocodylus. Sign back if you want...
Cascade7 Crocodylus
Aug 7, 04 2:52am
I'm just signing your g-book!

Whether you seen me before or not...
Whether you even care if I'm here or not...
Whether you bother to look at this or not...

Have fun and a great time on Neoseeker.

~You got pwn3d...~

Blackheartedwolf Crocodylus
Dec 15, 03 4:17am

Happy Holidays from Blackheartedwolf!
mgs fan Crocodylus
Jul 29, 03 6:11am

here ya go chris! Now your officially a member and stuff, enjoy they're fingers, embrace them, lick them...Okay sorry, to far. Well, enjoy that pic, thats the closest you'll ever get to a real woman!
ZhouYuRules Crocodylus
Jul 11, 03 10:35pm
Hi! How are you?

(I hate this stupid character limit!!!)

mgs fan Crocodylus
Jun 30, 03 8:53pm
i thought that i'd sign your g book with this ad i found! i'm bored, so i am signing this again!

sodadrinker777 Crocodylus
Jun 30, 03 4:54am
Dear Croc,

I wish to say thank you for your helping me out in the USA localized forum. I appreciate you not banning me for posting those huge posts and not shrinking all of that capital text that I posted. I thank you for being considerate of me and my posting habits, and also for working with me in the forum.

From a fellow Orange Countian,
Joshua Young, aka...
mgs fan Crocodylus
Jun 27, 03 6:21pm
you signed my g-book because of my banner, and it made no sense what-so-ever, none at all, it made no sense, none, well, i just made this, its pretty stupid though, oh well

Johnny G Crocodylus
Jun 16, 03 7:28pm

If you have something to say, just say it.
Nothing ever changes through silence.
scorpion VS subzero Crocodylus
Feb 28, 03 10:25pm
im routin for scorpion but i havent saw you on the mkda maybe i just cant remember(too much home work) any way seeya crocodylus
Lewa1307 Crocodylus
Feb 23, 03 4:54am
Hey croc. Sorry I haven't signed your guestbook 'til just now, bu better late than never I always say! Or do I? And maybe I have already signed, but if I did than they wouldn't be letting be post a second one and all of this writing would have been unnecessary! Oh well. See ya around crocy!
wever111 Crocodylus
Dec 23, 02 3:23am

I'm here to sign your book with a little bit of Christmas Spirit!

Happy Holidays!

You better sign mine!
Golden Miru warrior Crocodylus
Nov 26, 02 2:09am
You probably never heard about this whole thing, and have moved on from me, but I'd just like you to know I'll be leaving for some time tonight. I'll be on for a short time occasionaly, but otherwise, taht's it till next year. PM me.
MegadramonX Crocodylus
Oct 9, 02 11:49pm
Just to let you know, I meant no offense on my last entry. Sorry for making a double entry. You can delet my other one. You're a good friend and the first member I known that hasn't left neo because of less action. (In the Bionicle forum) You're a true good guy. I will end this in my friendly smiley stamp. Have a good time on Neo!


(okay, so I didn't actually ended this with my stamp)
Amourette Crocodylus
Oct 1, 02 10:24pm
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
BigBalla118 Crocodylus
Sep 29, 02 10:26pm
Whats up Croc. I see you a lot in the USA forum. Congrats on becoming mod in there. I hope to see you a lot. Peace.

...damn 125 charcters...
sub_scorp1on7 Crocodylus
Sep 22, 02 2:28pm
*Regular music playing in the background*
*Scary faces appears*
Ah!!! Mommy!!!
sorry if that video scared you, it really scared me. I had bad nightmares. Well, nice seeing you posting around lounging and sign my guestbook please. See you around!
*Scary face appears*

rockhole Crocodylus
Sep 8, 02 1:50pm
I was brought over here by your signature. Truly scary so I am going to try and see if I can avoid this fate that you have set for the others. *signes*

There done. Keep posting.
warnie50 Crocodylus
Sep 7, 02 11:13pm
hello. it says i did'nt right enough or something im just putting more here so the thing will be accepted this enough? nope well here i am typing away not knowing what im doing, maybe this is now enough?
Soul Hunter Crocodylus
Aug 28, 02 3:44am

Right:| just kidding:D
Q22 Crocodylus
Aug 23, 02 9:42pm
i love your signature it is so cool and i don't want to be under your evil curses so just saying hi cause i seen you around in neoseeker now so hi and bye:D (should be 125)
COOL_GIRL Crocodylus
Aug 22, 02 11:59pm
you don't know me.
Hey anyone know how to become a mod I have been thinking since I got here August 15,2002.Wuz up.Do you like sponge bob.I do.he's weird.And that squidward he needs clarinet lessons.