Grew up mostly in the US, spent a decade in Europe mostly in the UK, studied at three Graduate universities including Oxford University, gained two Masters in Fine Arts and have been a proffessional Artist, a painter mostly of landscapes for 40 some years, showing in the US and Europe, httpxxx:// and a decade ago moved into game design and theory. I live currently in Colorado in a small town in the mountains.


Art, Music, History, Archaeology, Game Design and Development. Started Game Research to support my own creative work as a professional artist (40 yrs) painter and i have started doing 3D work myself, that was 10 years ago and i now have studied most of the major game genres and titles, and played many of them, I am the admin of 3D World and Game Developers Group on Linkedin and I work to help proffesionals i the field stay current on developments in mods, major game development trends and game development history as well as help connect people in related fields with recruiters for new game projects, companies and firms. My own favorite game genres are adventure games, classics like the Westwood series, most of the Lucas Arts game titles, have studied and helped with major mod projects for most of the Star Wars games, have been long associated with Cyan and the Myst series and was active in the revival of URU as an MMORPG, have worked with the Bethesda ES series for years, also enjoy good sci fi SP and MMOs, am a great supporter of Funcom and their various projects, also Crytek and their amazing games, work in the sims with most of the flight sims, as well as the Silent Hunter series, and both MSTS and now RW as rail sims, and my research continues as my own experience and breadth of vision widens. Have focused on art and art in games for years and may move into that more.


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