I own this on NES, not X-Box 360. Joust X360
Good... but can't compare with the solidness of WCW REVENGE. At least it looks nicer. Load times SUCK though. WWESmackDownVsRAW2008 X360
Better load times... worse features. Dammit, don't give me a 3/4 finished Create a Finisher mode, give me more belts to create. WWESmackDownVsRAW2009 DS
The best of the 3D GTAs, by far. GrandTheftAutoViceCity PS2
Fun, but too damn many empty spaces. GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas PS2
More fun than any other GTA. GrandTheftAuto2 PC
Good old fashioned anarchy... FrenzyPop iPhone
Blow the crap out of North Korea. And get paid to do it. Hell yes. Mercenaries Xbox
The United Nations goes in peace to another world... and starts shooting at each other as soon as they get there! SidMeiersAlphaCentauri Linux
One of the best RPGs you could ever play. StarWarsKnightsOfTheOldRepublic Xbox
Yeah, the ending is crap. But the rest of the game is solid. And it looks awesome. StarWarsKnightsOfTheOldRepublic2 PC
Misleading. You actually spend more time at the Academy in JKII than in this game. StarWarsJediKnightJediAcademy PC
I have one question: WHY DOES THIS UNIVERSE NOT BELIEVE IN HAND RAILS? StarWarsJediKnight2JediOutcast PC
The last of the great old-school strategy games. Fallout2 PC
Drive a starship. Blow up the Organians' new allies. Try to slap the Organians around for screwing with the galaxy. StarTrekStarfleetCommand2EmpiresAtWar PC
Drive a starship. Blow up other starships. Try to find out what the hell the Organians are up to. StarTrekStarFleetCommand PC
It's Star Trek, but with running gun battles. And fugly graphics. But they kinda grow on you... StarTrekVoyagerEliteForce PC
It's like the first game, but not many running gun battles... but awesome graphics. StarTrekEliteForce2 PC
The elite team is named S.C.A.T.? You have to be kidding me... WinBackCovertOperations N64

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