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Feb 15, 07 6:40am
Beat it, then broke it....Yes I know stupid... PokemonRed
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  • "My first Pokemon game and not my last! I still have my very first Charizard that i named Charlie! Got it on my 8th birthday, now im 22! lol PokemonRed"
    StreetPunkism Apr 16, 12 11:49pm
  • "Broken. Just broken now. No continue function no more. PokemonRed"
    Oh yeah im cool Apr 08, 12 7:59am
  • "I need a Pinsir and Magmar!!! PokemonRed"
    Oh yeah im cool Feb 21, 12 10:33am
  • "I don't remember where my game is, but I still barely remember my awesome team. PokemonRed"
    Oh yeah im cool Jan 01, 12 9:29am
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