Includes like, 5 or 6 games, so have fun 8-10 SuperMarioAllStars SNES
Classic. If you like classics and simple games, this game is the one for you! 7-10 MarioBros NES
Best oldish Mario Game I played besides Super Mario 64. 10-10 SuperMarioWorld SNES
HAD owned, and it's fun and exciting. sorry folks, no ratings. MarioandLuigiPartnersInTime DS
After playing regular and being a fan of Olympics, this is a game your dying for. -probably a good game MarioandSonicAtTheOlympicWinterGames Wii
Lost it when barrowing it a long time ago. Kinda like a regular sports game but with like, super tosses and stuff. 6-10(can't remember!) MarioHoops3On3 DS
Fun at first, but then you get tired of it. . 7-10 MySimsKingdom DS
Fun. I'd say 2nd best MySims game 9-10 MySimsParty Wii
It's a fun game! Best of all MySims games so far. 10-10 MySimsAgents DS
Like Mario Kart, only harder to control and different items. Decent Game. 6-10 MySimsRacing Wii
Good game. Recommended for players who like action & adventure. 7-10 ChronoTrigger SNES
Like T. Princess, I only got to the part where the girl says you died at 7yrs., so in the beginning. Related to Chrono Trigger with... ChronoCross PSX
Same as one on SNES, but better dialog and some arena thing. 8-10 ChronoTrigger Wii
Sad. Very sad. If your a crybaby I recommend don't even get NEAR it. 10-10 Mother3Import GBA
Good game! Pretty fun. 9-10 EarthBound SNES
Maybe Mother 0 would look a bit old, but still try it. 6-10 Mother1and2Import GBA
lots of things go on, decent game. 6-10 PokemonEmerald GBA
I love when you leave Pikachu outside and he keeps knocking, then after awhile more pokemon join in. PokemonChannel GC
A-OK game, not so great after playing the others. 5-10 PokemonFireRed GBA
A-OK game, not so great after playing the others. 5-10 PokemonLeafGreen GBA


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