teodortenchev CraziMan
Jan 10, 06 8:56pm
Just a question, wats ur top 10 online pc games???
1)World of Warcraft
2)Mu Online
3)GunZ Online
4)Maple Story
5) I have no other favourite online games, I don't play PC games that much

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Jan 7, 06 8:00am

Green Day - Pop Rocks And Coke
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Dark Divine Alex CraziMan
Jan 6, 06 6:14am
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Jan 3, 06 11:08pm
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Jan 1, 06 6:34pm
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Dec 31, 05 6:49pm
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spyhawkwarrior CraziMan
Dec 28, 05 10:07am

hey sry 4 not signing sooner i havent checked in a long time...Merry christmas and a happy new year