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I wanted to write a blog here about religion, as to me, I find the whole idea fascinating and how it affects society etc. Forgive me for what you read below, it was a copy and paste job of what I wrote in the thinker's lounge but it's all relevant so I thought that'd be the best idea. I hope you enjoy my story and I'd love to hear any of your comments positive or negative. Enjoy :)

Anyway, my story goes that I was brought up in a fairly Christian background, going to church every so often etc. From 14 til probably 16 I felt more Christian than my parents and was praying of my own accord most nights.

By 17, I found Pat Condell on youtube, (I'm sure you've heard of him, if not, watch his early videos, makes a lot of sense) and that got me questioning ideas around. I also chose to study religion for my A-Levels which opened my mind up to how I could find gaps in what I believed. After one term studying Buddhism, I preferred their ideas of life etc. to a much greater extent than Christianity. Problem was that I didn't believe in Buddhism. It led me to borrow The God Delusion which opened up my mind even more whilst I was still watching Pat Condell and also, The Amazing Atheist.

I took (and still do) a great interest in religion and why people choose to believe. Obviously it brings comfort to millions and gives a set of life guidelines. But as I turned 18, I realised that I was in control of my life and I should live it just as I wanted to, and pictured all the logistics of an almighty being in my head and realised it didn't fit, it wasn't compatible.

However, I wouldn't call myself a radical atheist. I would never ban religion as that's just fascism and against people's basic human rights. Yes, I think the people who parade city centres telling us we'll all die tomorrow and go to hell are loonies but they are practicing their right to free speech and that should never be stopped.

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Rondo Dec 11, 11
Just wondering. How do you find Buddhism's ideal of life preferable to Christianity?
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Crate_o_Carling Dec 11, 11
Well two reasons. Firstly when I was studying Buddhism is was all new and exciting, granted I didn't believe in it but it was a completely new perspective. Also, I see Buddhism as more of a way of life than religion. There's no God to beleive in and also less emphasis on if you don't do this and this you will roast in hell. True, with Buddhism you can be reborn in a bad realm but there's a lot less stress on it, and being a good Buddhist to me would be a good way to live life. I also hate Christianity's (and other religions' I might add) doctrine that states if you don't worship me, you burn in hell for eternity. That's sick personally and even sicker if you teach your children this.

Hope my reply makes sense to you, tell me if not! See you around mate
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