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Jan 11, 13 12:51am

What is it with these people? This blog may be constructed as I've had a few too many but still... In my view wine is produced to go down your gullet and make you feel mellow and happy, not to be pretentiously analyzed and examined. What is it with people spending small fortunes on a bottle of plonk they're never going to drink?

I'm sure you're getting notes of berries and whatever when you give the bottle a good whiff but do the majority of the public care about this or how full - bodied it is, I'd say no. From what I've seen the majority buy the second cheapest (and strongest if you're a student) bottle and seem happy with it. Of course, this may just be me being uncultured but how much enjoyment are you really getting from a £20 wine than a £4.99 perfectly decent one?

Now I don't want to seem like a knob on this subject, so any arguments against what's been said are more than welcome.


Tom x

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Jul 7, 12 9:29am
Road trip dahhhnnnn Souuwwwth today, wey-hey
Jun 29, 12 1:18pm
New socks causing so much toe jam...
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May 25, 12 5:04pm

So then, Euro 2012 is looming and I personally can't wait, just hope I can be off work for the important games really, though it's not looking too good at the moment. :(

It got me thinking, what about constructing the best England team possible using players who have played for England from 1996 onwards. Worth a shot, if you read this, tell us your opinion on how it could be improved or whatever you like, I'm just doing this to kill some time, exams are over and nothing to do til 4th June when I start work! So we'll have the starting 11 and 7 substitutes, here we go:

GK: David Seaman (Don't need to justify this I'm sure)
DR: Stuart Pearce (Commanding defender in his time, scared the shit out of many a strike force)
DC: Tony Adams (Nuff Said)
DC: John Terry (Commanding again, as a person, not my cup of tea, but his past awards speak a great deal)
DL: Ashley Cole (As far as left - backs go, one of the greats, certainly helped Arsenal and Chelsea in the past)
MR: David Beckham (World class player, end of)
MC: Steven Gerrard (Again, great player, unlucky his team had a bad season this year, but still today, an admirable midfielder)
MC: Frank Lampard (Whether he should be in the starting 11 for the summer is questionable, but a few years back, immense player)
ML: Joe Cole (Alike Owen, Cole's had some annoying injury problems, but at his peak, a great winger and playmaker for England)
ST: Michael Owen (One of, if not the best player in the world at the start of the 2000s, got to feel sorry for him and his career being dogged by injury, but defo deserves this place)
ST: Alan Shearer (The man was an exceptional player, helping Blackburn win the league in 1995, and going on to be a Newcastle legend)

SB: Joe Hart (A real cracker of a keeper, great season this year and the future's looking very bright indeed)
SB: Gary Neville (Love him or hate him, throughout his England career, fair to say he proved a consistent right - back)
SB: Rio Ferdinand (Another player I really rate, unlucky not to get called up to the Euros, but has played many a fine performance for both club and country)
SB: Paul Scholes (Cracking attacking midfielder, had a great career for Man Utd, great at long distance shots and has been gifted for England in the past)
SB: Ashley Young (Personally really rate this lad. Stick him on the wing, let him do a lot of attacking play, defo one to look out for this year and for the future)
SB: Teddy Sheringham (A great striker in his day, perhaps unlucky to not win as many caps as he should of, but has helped England out on a few occasions it's fair to say)
SB: Wayne Rooney (Certainly a great striker, form for England hasn't been it's best recently, but hopefully will turn it around in the summer)

Of course I'll probably have forgotten someone, so give us your opinion or whatnot, but in my opinion, a fair 'best of' England squad from 1996 onwards.



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May 22, 12 4:04pm

To those of who from the UK, I implore you to buy a copy of the Sunday Sport and see what you make of it, it's about £1 I think, so buy yourself a copy, and this is what you'll find and what I found when I bought it last Christmas time...

Tits, arse, everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Sod page 3, it's all about pages 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 14 and so on, you get the point.

'News' stories that usually base itself around *bleep*, such as *bleep* toy stealers, Tesco producing an item that resembles a wang, a man having *bleep* with about 100 inanimate objects and a flasher who committed suicide. Politics and world news? Course not, none of that namby pamby stuff! (Unless it involves a bit of humpty - dumpty.)

Crap journalism. This one's pretty obvious, but I'll give you an example of one story who's writer clearly couldn't be bothered with the story (a polar bear's fur used as a rug) and was talking about the value of the rug being so high, "a little bit of *bleep* wee came out." I also believe in the same story, he managed to talk about *bleep* as well (I'm guessing a rug - *bleep* thought process, clever eh?) but chose not to use the medical word for the female parts, but preferred 'haddock sandwich'. That raised a smile!

Dodgy content. Not the nudity, no, that's fine, but in the Christmas edition which I bought, there was a make - your - own decorations for the family to enjoy kind of thing. Nice and thoughtful right? Until you realise the decorations to cut out are actually infamous murderous which you can hang from the tree, oh Sunday Sport you rascal you!

Now I don't want to come across as snobby here and I'm not saying that people shouldn't buy this paper. People should at least once to see what it's all about. At the end of the day, it's so crap it's funny. I'm pretty smutty myself so talk of haddock sandwiches and whatnot did make me laugh, and I also like a good pair of Bristols so it ticked that box as well. So yeah, buy it, have a giggle and don't take it seriously, you'll find the worst paper in the world is actually a must read!



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Mar 20, 12 12:34pm
*scratches arse*
Mar 15, 12 2:43am
Carling has changed to Carlsberg tonight. I'm a traitor...
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Dec 7, 11 10:16pm

I wanted to write a blog here about religion, as to me, I find the whole idea fascinating and how it affects society etc. Forgive me for what you read below, it was a copy and paste job of what I wrote in the thinker's lounge but it's all relevant so I thought that'd be the best idea. I hope you enjoy my story and I'd love to hear any of your comments positive or negative. Enjoy :)

Anyway, my story goes that I was brought up in a fairly Christian background, going to church every so often etc. From 14 til probably 16 I felt more Christian than my parents and was praying of my own accord most nights.

By 17, I found Pat Condell on youtube, (I'm sure you've heard of him, if not, watch his early videos, makes a lot of sense) and that got me questioning ideas around. I also chose to study religion for my A-Levels which opened my mind up to how I could find gaps in what I believed. After one term studying Buddhism, I preferred their ideas of life etc. to a much greater extent than Christianity. Problem was that I didn't believe in Buddhism. It led me to borrow The God Delusion which opened up my mind even more whilst I was still watching Pat Condell and also, The Amazing Atheist.

I took (and still do) a great interest in religion and why people choose to believe. Obviously it brings comfort to millions and gives a set of life guidelines. But as I turned 18, I realised that I was in control of my life and I should live it just as I wanted to, and pictured all the logistics of an almighty being in my head and realised it didn't fit, it wasn't compatible.

However, I wouldn't call myself a radical atheist. I would never ban religion as that's just fascism and against people's basic human rights. Yes, I think the people who parade city centres telling us we'll all die tomorrow and go to hell are loonies but they are practicing their right to free speech and that should never be stopped.

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Nov 8, 11 12:23am

Yawn, it's just gone midnight here in the UK and I am very sleep deprived and a little cranky. Perfect then, for constructing a new blog...

Firstly, just to fill you in (oo-er) I am a student in Wales at the moment in my 2nd year doing History, yeah I know, pointless, but I like it. 1st year however, I (stupidly) decided I'd choose a joint-honours scheme in which I study History and Politics, yes it may sound interesting to some but this is where the fun stops.

First lecture comes along and little Crate_o_Carling skips merrily to this in anticipation. As soon as I was waiting to enter the lecture theatre, I sussed something wasn't right. I walked into a mass of crappy stubbled beards and hair gunk, some of them carried machine washable handkerchiefs... Then they spoke to me, a nasal whine if you like and I knew I wasn't going to fit in...

The lectures themselves weren't that bad, I suppose but I could really do without that dude who sat next to me a few times who would very often nod and hum, "mmhmm" whenever he was in agreement to our easily misheard Scottish lecturer.

The worst part of this subject though was the seminars. Oh bloody dear... Our tutor was friendly enough but very insistant that you spoke a good few times during the hour. Admittedly, I could have done more reading for the subject but this is not the point! Our tutor would pose a question to us all on relation to a previous lecture point, so even for little Crate_o, this wasn't much of a challenge. Until that point where our lovely tutor picks the person to answer, oh dear I would think when I wasn't the picked person again and again. Anyway, now about 3 people in the room are having a frantic and pointless argument about God knows what, using words that were alien to me just to boost their patronising, pedantic and pretentious selves.

These arguments I considered to be as worthwhile to have as it was for a person to buy his blind friend pornography for his birthday, nobody ever agrees and when that lot are exhausted, the garbage that are their ideas are thrown to people like me to discuss further.

As if I give a flying f***.

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Nov 7, 11 11:39pm

Live your life, eat, sleep, work, play, make it go round and round until you've clogged up your mental washing machine.

Nah, sod that, I hate pretention, just a bunch of people who think they're making a true and significant statement yet not making any sense at all. Oh dear...

Anyway, I am Crate_o_Carling and as much as it will inevitably fail, I wish you to join me on my blogging journey! We shall embark on issues with a hard edge and I would very like you to be with me to listen, converse, accept, criticise and so on and so forth.

A blog shall be placed up whenever I get round to it as I'm living my life as a student studying at university.

Meaning, I have so much free time, a blog a day would work out...

Anyways, looking forward to it people! See ya around! :)

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