felix barbosa Crap Dealer03
Jul 09, 03 6:24pm
what up dude! returning the sig and giving a shout out. great havin u on the boards.

C'mon lucky 7, daddy needs some new shoes!
LanDi Sama Crap Dealer03
Jul 08, 03 2:26am

Hey! I see you around the Xbox forum, but I noticed your Ayumi Hamasaki banner and stuffs... well I am listening to "As If..." right now! Actually it's not my favourite of her songs... time for Evolution!!
timgta2002 Crap Dealer03
Jun 23, 03 6:46pm
This is an automated guestbook signing.

You have a nice day now.


This text is to make sure it is big enough.
okumsup Crap Dealer03
Jun 23, 03 2:39pm
blah blah, seen you around, boring sig, BTW, you've been

Adelaidedk Crap Dealer03
Jun 23, 03 2:32pm
Well I am signing your guestbook, "lucky you"!Thanks for saying nice words about my drawings! Well I don't know you that well, but I'll sign anyway, because I am such a nice person!

Best regards
~Carina aka Adelaidedk~
Washed Unheathen Crap Dealer03
Jun 23, 03 6:54am

~*Now sign my guestbook!*~

(Cuz' if you don't, I'll delete this! Mwahahahahahaha! )

MasterCheat Crap Dealer03
Jun 22, 03 9:54am
hey just dropped by to say hello.
you're kinda cool you know?
anyway, take care CD03.

HiToKiRi_BoY_BaTo1 Crap Dealer03
Jun 18, 03 9:51pm

Sing RahXephon,
Sing your own song,
Your forbidden song.

Smile You'll live longer.
Angelic Serenity Crap Dealer03
Jun 18, 03 9:30am
Thank you for signing my guest book. I thought I'd just stop by here and return the favor. I hope you have fun at the General PS2 Forum! Keep posting! Laterz!
AznBabyGurl911 Crap Dealer03
Jun 06, 03 6:17am
hiya thanks for signing my g-book well i gots to go c ya around the asia forum too c ya.......(hopefully this is enough damn characters)

PeAcE oUt
timmy_1 Crap Dealer03
May 07, 03 12:54am
as my promise stats i must sigbn your guest book so look im signing it heheheheh long live the aussies and beer and hot chicks but nothing else
arseball Crap Dealer03
May 06, 03 5:05am
Well you know something Crap Dealer dude, i'm glad you like my toblerone work idea brother. But lemme tell ya something brother, this Hulk Hogan impression is getting lame now!

So whatcha gonna do, when 135lbs of crap, runs wild on you?
Pogo the Monkey Crap Dealer03
May 04, 03 8:15am

with that toilet brush i give you

now about my crap we talked about...
hoss25 Crap Dealer03
May 02, 03 9:36pm
just wanted to say thanks for the help with the chinese embassy i just waited and was able to go right up the scaffolding without a problem thanks alot
jeff had Crap Dealer03
Mar 30, 03 3:57am
Hey there, i tought i sign this guestbook!

I see ya at Asia Forum eh

See ya around and sign mine back will ya

Bazzo Crap Dealer03
Mar 16, 03 10:52am
Have you found the guy with cement shoes, sunken tanker or Apartment 3C yet. Sorry this is such a crap topic but it's all I could think of.
JumBee Crap Dealer03
Feb 19, 03 4:03am
Hey Crap Dealer!

I kinda had to sign this thing since I kinda, well - told you I would so here ya are!

Keep up the great work at editing pictures!

- JumBee...
TomAz2oo2 Crap Dealer03
Jan 31, 03 7:22am

You have received the stamp of TomAz2oo2 A.K.A Trade.

Sign Mine
donpablo Crap Dealer03
Jan 29, 03 9:03pm
i saw you around the Vice City forum, an decide to sign your guestbook! haha crapdealer, thats a funny name, an the girl on ure avatar thingy is hot! cya around the vice city forum!!

the don of the smilies!!

TomAz2oo2 Crap Dealer03
Jan 10, 03 3:25am
Hey, im signing everyone's book who's online, there's only like 7 of you... just sayin hi ya know....

sign mine?