Any one have any of these pokemon on pokemon X or Y ? Regice, Regirock, Reisteel or Regigigas

I cam a pokemon cloner and a lot of times I get newbies who say they cannot find my Friend code even though it is in my icon

Reshiram Cresselia Gardevoir F Gallade Togepi JPN Shaymin ITA Misdreavus Dradonair JPN Dragonite JPN Rufflet Samuro

Looking for Established Neoseeker to help me trade from my pokemon Y to my pokemon X I am looking to trade some pokemon Y

The name of this game is follow the instructions. Follow the instructions and you get the special shiny modified pokemon.

I have 3 shiny Pokemon I am giving away Level 1 Timburr with Armor Fossil Lever 1 Cranidos with Claw Fossil Level 1 Spiri

I have various event pikachus, and some other pokemon like Jessie's Wobbuffet among others. I do not see much difference

Anyone have a spare butterfree with compound eyes with hidden ability tinted lens they can spare? I can give some enigma ber

I have 3ds XL Pokemon Y ( download version) When I play the game internet connection has a short range compares to my oth

Pokemon Y Couriway Town and waterfalls Is it just me, but Couriway Town seems to have the most water falls, YET there are

The lonely old man in Anistar City - I gave him a low level pikachu many days ago. More like a month. He still has my poke

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