Crafter's achievements in Hitman: Absolution
You assassinated the facility leaders
You eliminated Travis and fulfilled Diana's contract
You completed 10 challenges
You assassinated Wade
You completed the Contract Basics Tutorial
You boarded the train and escaped the Chicago PD
You located the hotel room number 899
You contained a situation gone bad
You assassinated Dexter's assistant, Layla
You have defeated Sanchez with your bare hands
You assassinated Wade's men in Chinatown
You infiltrated the mansion and assassinated Diana Burnwood
You caught up with Skurky
You remained undetected throughout a checkpoint
You successfully performed a lethal throw
You infiltrated the courthouse and accessed the jail
You fulfilled Birdie's contract and eliminated The King of Chinatown
You circumvented Lenny's crew and secured Lenny
You blended in and fooled someone
You escaped the attention of an enemy
You completed 50 challenges
You executed a point shooting with at least 3 kills
You subdued a person
You bought an upgrade for a weapon
You re-gained your signature Silverballers
You achieved Silent Assassin
You found your way through the mines
You ran the benchmark mode to see how well your hardware performs
You questioned the bartender
You assassinated Blake Dexter
You eliminated the Saints
You visited Tommy the Tailor and acquired a new suit and gloves
You unlocked a technique
You hid a body
You made a kill look like an accident
You completed Hitman: Absolution as a professional
You created a contract competition
You participated in a contract competition
You completed the Creating Contracts Tutorial
You completed 100 challenges
You collected all evidence
You collected all 20 play styles
You left Lenny in the desert
You played a contract made by a friend
You earned 1 million contracts dollars
You performed 47 headshots using a sniper rifle
You liked a contract