So I thought it would be a good idea to open another one of these :) Old one can be found

_Welcome to the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate forum's 20 Questions Game Thread!_ Overview Welcome to the Monster Hunter


This isn't a big deal but I noticed that it still says your Neo Points won't be displayed if you have <100 when yo Considering it's th

A Christmas Tree has been set at the Port and all the Hunter's wishlists need to be mailed off before it's to late, m

_Welcome to the League of Legend forum's 20 Questions Game Thread_ _Overview_ Welcome to the League of legends vers --Quote-- Th Changes to; Corki Gragas Morgana Nasus Nautilus Nidalee Nunu Sivir Vay

Well, what are your favorite weapons and classes? Let us know! :D

So I love this idea and wondering, what gifts have you received or sent to friends and what did they end up getting? I sen

terraria 1.2 "They are Nothing Before Me" _Introd

So Yesterday I bought some new pc parts and a new HDD which Is now my primary HDD and I was wondering if anybody knows how to

So on the forums Grumpy Monkey replied to a few questions asked about Sivir's VU which is about 3/4 of the way through.

Monster Hunter Neo Interview Thread What is it? Just like any other forum with an interview thread, a member will be s

I'm not addicted to MHTU
MH3U, so pumped
I want MHTG now Nintendo, NOW GODDAMMIT NOW!
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