So with 3 weeks left until launch today I figure we can start counting down :D NA: February 13th EU: February 13th AU: F Seems

So I have hunted 2 Great Jaggi's and 1 Tetsucabra so far and used the Insect Glaive, Charge Axe and the Hammer. I LOVE

13th February not long left to wait now :D

Along with the released date it was said that we will get the demo "soon" I can't imagine it taking too long as

During the Nintendo Direct held today the release date for MH4U was released along with the MH4U edition 3DS set for February I WANT IT o-o

Buy 'Brachydios' by CaptainCREST as a Throw Pillow or Tote Bag

Merry Xmas everyone :D
Starting to get back into League, new SR looks amazing.
Dang, you're online a lot. Or you're one of those people that leaves a tab open to Neo at all times xD
I just applied for Fantasy Life forum mod, wish me luck! :D

_Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Friend Code Thread_ _Purpose:_ This Thread is for people looking to use the Hunters For

With MH4U set to be one of the hardest games in the series do you think that Capcom will lower the difficulty in some way lik

So I thought it would be a good idea to open another one of these :) Old one can be found

_Welcome to the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate forum's 20 Questions Game Thread!_ Overview Welcome to the Monster Hunter

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