Kutiekinzie Country Girl
Mar 18, 11 3:46pm
Happy day after St. Patti's Day!! I found this pic online, and it was kinda funny!

Huh. You've been gone for like a YEAR! Where in the WORLD (or the neoworld) are you?!
Kutiekinzie Country Girl
Mar 09, 11 3:05pm
Hey, Ashleigh! You may now know me, but just coming by to say Happy almost spring! Also, my birthday is coming up this Saturday, so feel free to wish me a happy one!
Divinorse Country Girl
Dec 21, 10 4:42am
To my best NeoFriend,

Ashleigh. Where have you gone!?

I've missed you so much, and I wish you could be here during this holiday time. It's been months since I last heard from you. Maybe even a year or so. This makes me sad. I really miss you. I miss all the great times we had in the Harvest Moon roleplay thread. Those were some of the best of times actually for me on NeoSeeker. We began with two members who argued and then we grew to become friends. I consider you my NeoSis, you've always been there for me, through thick and thin. I loved being able to have a conversation all day over PM with you.

Your one of the most amazing writers I have ever come by to be honest. I wish you were still here to help me with my own writing skills, I'm in English Advanced Placement now(it's considered a college course) and it would have been great to learn more and more from you.

For the times we had, I would never take a day back. I love you with all my heart and wish you the best for where you are in your life. Hopefully one day you will log on and see this, and hopefully it just makes you smile. : )

Happy holiday and I want you to have the best new year ever!

Be safe and much love,

P.S. - Oh, I forgot to mention I got a name change, no longer The Rising Nebula, but now I'm Divinorse! : D
Jordii Country Girl
Dec 25, 08 12:01am
When I think of all the times we've shared
from the happy to the sad
You've been the greatest friend to me
through good times and through bad.
We love to get crazy from time to time,
that's what friends are supposed to do
But when times get rough
there is never a doubt that I can count on you.
We have the kind of friendship
that endures 'til the very end
Because I can't imagine my life without you~
My Best and Forever Friend

With love,
MorbidxToast Country Girl
Aug 23, 08 2:33am
I have been away from Neo for a long time and as I sit here reading everything I want to cry because I never got to say good bye. Why did you leave? Maybe it is not my buisness but I do wonder. Writting kind of seems meaningless because I always looked forward to your input what I wrote. I know I sound like everyother person but...I am the original broken record. I am questioning even writting this because are you even going to reading this?! I don't have some pretty stamp for you but a hug.....it is invisable though. Sorry.

Love MorbidXToast.
AKA Liana Mae
Marooned Chic Country Girl
Jun 26, 08 5:03am

Hello Friend!
Take Care!

Your friend, Refia.
Nami Skater Country Girl
Jun 22, 08 9:15pm
Thanks for being a AWSOME Mod!Oh Yah And I gots Neo Married!
punk_anime_girl Country Girl
May 11, 08 8:00am
Hi! It's been a while since we talked, huh?
Anyway, just dropping by to sign.
Sorry if my stamp is way ugly. Lolx.

Hope we can be better friends! XD

Additional Note: What's up? You havent been online in days. Hope you're okay.
Lavender Blush Country Girl
May 08, 08 11:42pm

You can have a cookie to begin with. =D

Well, I'm on a stamping spree and decided to sign your guestbook!
{ Whether, you like it or not... Although I hope you do. }
Besides I just couldn't miss a great friend like you! I hope your computer gets fixed, so you'll be active again. ^^

Lavender Blush; xprincezchrissyx

Midnight Blue Country Girl
Apr 27, 08 3:52pm
Hey! I'm on a signing spree and your in my neo-family so I can't miss you! It's been a while since I last talked to you. I hope everything's okay and you'll be active again soon. Stay well and enjoy your stamp <=D

*~* Roxy *~*
punk_anime_girl Country Girl
Apr 06, 08 12:52am
Thought I'd just sign your guestbook...
Hope we can be better friends(somehow)
Good luck in moderating the HM:MFoMT forum!

LilKittyzAngel Country Girl
Mar 30, 08 1:55am
I wanted to say to have a great day! ^^

♥ Yasmin

Mouschi Chan Country Girl
Mar 23, 08 8:15am
well I haven't signed in a while and I thought I would! You are such a sweet girl Ashleigh please never change!
Happy Easter too!
Nami Skater Country Girl
Mar 21, 08 5:41am
Can We Be Freinds?Oh Btw Your The Best Mod Ever ^__^!Happy Easter Ashleigh !

Aurora Angel Country Girl
Mar 17, 08 12:22am
I haven't stamped you in awhile and well..Umm.. I don't know. I wanted to thank you for just being there and being nice to everyone. =]
Divinorse Country Girl
Mar 09, 08 6:21am
Lol you know it! I just had to sign your guest book, Ashleigh, your like one of my best friends. I wish we could get more time to talk to each other, more about whats going on in our lives, Roleplay plots, the works ya know? Well I miss you and am just glad I have you here as my friend, to help me out with anything, well I must be going, stamp me back now, bye mai friend!

:.From your friend.:
nikkai Country Girl
Feb 26, 08 4:28am

hey ashleigh!
thanks for all the reminders and help..
ill stick with it..

hope we become good friends..

Divinorse Country Girl
Feb 25, 08 6:35am
Hey Ashleigh, thanks for stamping me, the stamp rocks. I am wondering, did you make it?

Also, I cannot be any happier to have you as my friend, life just rocks when your around. Not only do you listen to my problems, but you give great advice. So yeah I just thought it would be good to sign you back, so here I go! Hope you like my stamp, it has to do with my whole "account change" thingy.

From your friend,
gHEkO Country Girl
Feb 24, 08 8:13pm
You signed my guestbook so I'm signing yours. You signed mine at a bad time because I don't have any Stamps on me.

Now to take up space.

La La La. I like Cats. La La La. I like Cats!
Quierta Country Girl
Feb 24, 08 3:53am
Hey Ashleigh! Congratulations on winning the HM: DS Valentine's Day Extravaganza Secret Message Contest! You sure have a good eye. ^_~

Ineedhelpalot Country Girl
Feb 23, 08 7:28am

Keep roleplaying with new ideas! Your original and creative! ~_^
Dragon Warrior1 Country Girl
Feb 19, 08 6:08pm
I recently made this stamp and am now going on a stamping spree! Remember, memories are never forgotten!

InuFreak Country Girl
Feb 16, 08 1:51am
I'm not sure if you remember that argument we had last year, but I wanted to know if we can be friends? I know that I shouldn't have been so rude and blast off at you and all, and I know that you were right to call me immature. I really wish we could put it behind us and maybe start over? I'm terribly sorry for all those things I said to you. that day was just not going very well for me and I took my anger out on you when i shouldn't have. I'm really, really sorry, CG. Can we be friends? If you can, please pm me..I'd really like to explain my rude behavior.
Daisuki Country Girl
Feb 15, 08 5:43pm
I was bored so...prepare to be stampaged by Daisuki!

Mouschi Chan Country Girl
Feb 15, 08 3:07am
happy valentines day Ashleigh!
Hope it's sweet!