dude you rock, I just joined this little form thing, just to inform you of this, that would be how much you rock.

hmm . . . apparently this has to include 125 characters. Why is that? Anyways.

filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler
I, uh, don't have a stamp. Grr.

Anyway... I liked your blooper thread that was ages ago. I made V4. Also, I like your name. and I also like mimjas, they're sexy. Mwahahaha. Anyway... I like you. Cya! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hey it that time so heres to all the gifts you can ever want.
I haven't done this to anyone in like... 2-3 months?? Whatever. I am bored, and waiting for Pms to come back to me.

Well thanks for listening to me in my PMs. You're one of my best neofriends.

Hey your one of my best neofriends so it's time to get a stamp.

Hahahah! Now you will fell the wrath of my invisable stamp! MUHAHAHAUHAHA!

Had enough?

I hope you die a quick death, like the people in this explosion!
You know why I am here. I actually got a slave to make me a stamp. Here ya go. You earned it....actually not yet. I'll come back later.


YOu are a good drawer...i guess..oh and u pwn at video games.......................yeah

I could have sworn I did this! Damn! Oh well, better late than never right? RIGHT?!

Listen, not to make your head swell even bigger than it is, but I think you're one of the funniest members I've come accross. You come out with such weird randomness that should technically have you comitted..........Don't worry, that's a good thing. See?:
You =

Well, hope to see you about the forums more often now, Count. Don't get grounded and I'll see you on the other side.

You've got really good Paint skills, so I guess Ill be signing your GB now!!


ok well mr.werid here you go...lol just kidding heres my new stamp...more less my first.

Dude, when I came back to Neoseeker, I went to the SSBM forum, hoping to find you, Gregory2590, Rikkulover, BANDITO ATTACK, and even Barmy Brat, even though he said something that got me upset before, but I'm over it. Dude, I missed y'all. I'm hoping we run into each other. Hey, why's the SSBM forum banned from anonymous posts? Oh well, just wondering how you were doing. I'll come back here as soon as I get a stamp... soon as I know how to get one... See ya!
Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!
Happy Halloween! Remember, don't tell anyone where you live or who you are or you'll end up like my good friend Leon!

Don't open any candy that looks like it's been opened already!

Here's to you being the biggest fool in the SSBM forum. You've been on one post-a-day probation for as long as I can remember..

Anyway.. here's my first and only stamp..

hey dude, um what the hell is this:
yes... you were drawn to sign my GB by my drawing-people-in-to-sign-my-GB power! FWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
lol, when did you make your welcome to the GB? oh well guess what my stamp is.... Its directly found from google, and I have done nothing to it.......bleep it, your taking to long, here:

? what did you expect? what something different? well to bad! you can just get a sexy pic of me without my shirt for all I care.... what did I just say? um you didnt hear anything..

Thanks for teh stamp. I think >_>
jk I like it. Fastest stamp EVAR.

Yes I am aware of the fact that it sucks. Don't hurt me.

Well take care Jaggie. Yesh, Ima call you that from now on.

I'll see you in SSBM

my one and only hawt Jaggie


hey, thanks for signing my g-book, and awesome stamp. it looks like brad got it this time...in the face!
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook! Remember kids, the most important thing in life is that I am the overlord of SSBM forum. No one will bother to mention it, because I don't want to have to kill them. Congratualations, you win the promotion, so here's your free stamps!

you signed my guestbook a while ago, so i'm signing back

OH! BOO-YA! YOU GOT SIGNED! But anyway, sorry I don't have a stamp yet. Still working on it. But hopefully it will be done soon. Hopefully...
Thanks for signing! Here's my one and only stamp! Yaay!

Hey justed whated to say hello. Anywhy hi iam Jaw7765. I like SSBM. I like harvest moon. Well PM we can be friends. i say yes nomatter what. Well hi.