Im 16 and live in Australia. I like jazz, rock and a bit of celtic music.
Past time is split betwine computer, 360, reading and writing.


Role Playing Games are my favorite, I like the storylines in them and the ones that you can play through again and again.

Next would be Stratagy, I like to build up armys or eilte teams and devise planes to take the enemys bases.

And third would be First Person Shooting, somtimes I prefer not to think at all and make only small stratageis to get me past a room.

I have an Xbox 360 elite (black consel and controler, 120G HD and better cooling system). I own Mass Effect, Halo 3, Dead or Alive 4, Lost Planet and Civ Rev.

I have a laptop which I use for school and internet. It has a patched up vista so its still very good, but cannot play any of my old games, so I just play them on my PC.

I like to read fantasy, science fiction and alternative history books. Tho I try and read somthing diffirent every now and then,


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