Im 28 i live with my fiance. I have been a gamer sense i was a kid. Im not talking just fun little girly games, im talking serious combat games too. I will play anything, but the ones i love most are fantasy or simulation games.I play some on my xbox 360, and a couple on pc. Sense most are on the xbox right now im finding it difficult not being able to download tons of custom content and easily mod the game the way i do with my pc games.


art,drawing,painting,photography,games,skyrim,fable2, sims3,horror movies,zombies!,paranormal tv shows,user made custom items for games ( my sims3 game is filled with stuff!),gamer art ( i love seeing artwork made with ingame snapshots) I use to do this all the time with Second Life and back when played Sims2 ( images on my DA)

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