Sakura Corruption
Sep 19, 04 6:06pm
I'm on a....

Signing Spree!


Please sign back!
Dark Link Corruption
Sep 11, 04 2:51pm
It's me again, and I'm on one of my signing sprees- again! XD
Feel free to sign back^_^

Sosai X Corruption
Sep 8, 04 3:15pm
Guess what? I'm on a spree with my newest stamp.

Take care of yourself...and eachother.
Always wanted to say that.^^

Be good. Stay safe.

Stamped by Sosai X

Skaterstar57 Corruption
Sep 4, 04 8:15pm
Guess what! I'm on a signing spree!

Please sign back! ^^

Sintaku Corruption
Sep 3, 04 9:37am

I don't got a good STAMP >.<

So umm HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dark Link Corruption
Aug 29, 04 10:31pm
Guess what? I'm on my signing spree again^^ This is one of my lastest stamps.. Sign back if u want^_^
See ya;)

Princess Peach Corruption
Aug 29, 04 5:14am
Hi, just wanted to sign your guestbook because you're a major Zelda fan. ^^ Zelda is my second favourite series! So here's a stampy!


p.s. Saria rules!
Sosai X Corruption
Aug 28, 04 8:00pm
Nice to see you're able to make your own banners and stamps now.
And you're welcome.

Javiman1 Corruption
Aug 24, 04 7:59am
whazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! just signing whit my newest stamps hope u like them c ya around!!

keep posting
your buddy...
Sosai X Corruption
Aug 21, 04 10:41pm
Dark Link Corruption
Aug 21, 04 9:40pm
I'm just signing some guestbooks with my newest stamp^_^

Please sign back;)
See ya

Green Yoshi 2004 Corruption
Aug 19, 04 2:54am
Hey Ishilaro4 funny times about the tree huggers huh? anyway have a stamp .

Sosai X Corruption
Aug 12, 04 11:04am
Like I said in my PM this is another stamp of mine, my newest!
Oh and I'm back BTW so watch it.! And GY too.

Hope you like it.

Vang je later!

Sosai X Corruption
Aug 8, 04 4:02pm
I just had a look at all the new PMs again.

I hate u 2 so much!!! -_______________-!

5 more days and I'll be back in Holland, at my own pc.
So watch out...

signed by a furious
Cascade7 Corruption
Aug 7, 04 6:06am
I'm just signing your g-book!

Whether you seen me before or not...
Whether you even care if I'm here or not...
Whether you bother to look at this or not...

Have fun and a great time on Neoseeker.

~You got pwn3d...~

Sosai X Corruption
Aug 3, 04 6:31am
quote Green Yoshi 2004
It'll be fun annoying a certain T H L.


Signed By,
Dark Divine Alex Corruption
Aug 1, 04 6:04pm
Hey i liked ur name and decided to sign ur book anywaz nice avatar i got one just like it! i hope to seee u m\around the goldensun forums!
Green Yoshi 2004 Corruption
Aug 1, 04 9:33am
Hey Ishilar I just thought I'd sign your gesutbook. You seem to like making fun of Makar alot like I do. It'll be fun annoying a certain T H L.
Javiman1 Corruption
Jul 31, 04 7:30pm
just came to say hi keep up the good work

if u whant u can sign my guestbook!
Sosai X Corruption
Jul 29, 04 2:38am
since ur my new Neo bro I'll give you my Neofamily stamp!

Cute eh..?
Hope u like it.


Dark Link Corruption
Jul 27, 04 7:44pm
I saw u in the Wind Waker forum, so I just dropped by to sign ur guestbook:)

Please sign back;)
Sosai X Corruption
Jul 20, 04 5:00pm
I see u joined on Neo yesterday so I decided to say hi.
Have one of my newest stamps..!

Please sign back.

Cya, signed by