I haven't stamped your GB yet so here ya' go! Hope you like it!
Sorries I didn't Sign sooner >_<;; Ad I was gonna bring you a cookie....but I suck at cooking.....And they caught on fire.... uhhh, yeah ^ ^;;; HAPPY EASTER!! Hope Ya had loads of Fun!! *you must settle for This Uber Cute Piccy instead *


Hi there! I'm on my signing spreeeeee!
Happy holidays! And Good Luck To Ya !
Sign back please!

this is us after loooong holidays!!! :-)
...you will see mowawawa that he will belong to me
yeah I gotta wish you a happy Easter so then...

as the topic says it's about time i got to signing guestbooks. I noticed your posts have gotten extremely good, compaired to the first one I read, but hey they were good to start with. I hope that doesn't get taken the wrong way. Then I noticed a link named GS:EOAD, and i was curious so I clicked it and viola! Keep up the great work!

Have a merry Christmas...or you die

Hello there. My name is Devan and I am proud to be a slave of GallantmonX. You know, GallantmonX is the coolest guy you would ever meet. He also treats me special and always remembers to feed me =^.^= I am extremely happy and thankful for GX because he is an amazing guy. If it wasnt for him, I wouldnt even here because he makes me feel special ^^;

Anywho, I have signed your guestbook with love. With love from me to you, and for my gratitude for GX. Also, I would love to add that he is really cool, and taught me everything I know to this day ^____^. One more thing, KSheth is a big idiot. GallantmonX pwns him in every possible way, all because GX is amazingly cool and KSheth is a suck. So, peace out, friend. I hope I have passed on the message of how awesome GallantmonX is, and by reading this, you just have found out how much I was pwned... but I am still GX's bitch and im lovin it ^_____^

Your guestbook has been signed because you are ghey, and inevitable to GX. That is, with the exception of these people, you are an insignificant oddest

These people are as follows: Sosai X, Satokasu Suki, Dark Link, KSheth, Vex the Pirate

Everyone else, you bastards are all teh suXXors, and I hope you all die a fiery death. ^^;;

GallantmonX roxxors by boxxors! =D
Hmmm...it's a miracle eh? I'm signing your GBook with my Christmas stamp. Only for Neofamily. I should have kicked you out during the Green Yoshi/Tree Hugger thing.
I'm glad you two are back to normal...


Be sure to enjoy the holidays lil bro.
OMG your last stamp was H U G E !!! :D
But it's a cool stamp anyway, so...
Whatsup? I'm glad I got the chance to [finally!!] get on. On my own PC that is, instead of Dark Link's (my sis).
Well I g2g, clean my room. XD
TTY Soon,

your loving Neosis,

you dont know me, id ont know you.
oh well
i like signing things of strangers
see ya'll later

It is of little importance.
Hi I thought I'd sign your guestbook with another stamp. Here ya go.

Yeah yeah im late >_>
Oh well, enjoy the stamp or die!

Everyone used all the good pics and stuff,
so I was forced to use Phantom Ganon:D

Happy Halloween!

Why am I signing your GB again?
Oh right, you're not annoying me anymore. XD lol

Well hope you like the stamp.
Always good talking to you.

Here are some Halloween stamps for ya, sorry I didn't have time to edit them cause I am pretty busy getting ready for Halloween.

well... it may not be Halloween yet but you still get my Halloween Stamp

plus another scary stamp
Hey Ishi.
Just signing cuz you're a great friend;)

Hope you like it.
Talk to you soon.

Sign back if you want
Take care...

Hey Ish.
How ya been? Just signing with my latest stamp...
Im on a Riku craze

Tell me what ya think

Hope you like it^_^

Sign back if you want to;)
Signed by,

Whazaaaaaa hi how r u my friend

sign back pliz!!

hope u like the stamp XD
Yo. i a signing your GB from school, so i can't get my stamp. I don't have time. You are the best. i will stamp you when i get back.
Hello I have some new stamps for you guestbook.

If you received this entry, then I guess I've seen you somewhere.
Have a good time on Neoseeker, and feel free to sign back.

I'm out.

~You got pwn3d...~
Just stoppin by to say hi, and to give you a stamp.

And shame on you to think you can beat me up!
HAH! You remind me of Makar...

Take Care, pal;)
Hello Ishilar long time no see. I'm just passing by signing a few guestbooks.