Sword Master Corruption
Oct 25, 05 1:18am
Uh, *glances nervously at Sephy*

Ishilar04 pwns and X-Box sucks like a bucket of ticks/rabid chihuahuas (delete as appropriate)

Loved the Metroid Song! Pwn 'em like the scum they are!!!

Keep it real!
jaffar33 Corruption
Oct 11, 05 12:53am
I speak japanese, yoh!
Wakarimasu ka?(do you understand?)
Ho yeah!
and here is a stamp!
Boo-yeah! i made it myself!
Ecto Corruption
Sep 18, 05 4:53am
Hey dude. I'd tag you, but I cant seem to get pictures on here. Im evedently a curse when it comes to hosting images over the internet. Meh, imagin a picture of a big star right here.


There. Thats good. The 5 didnt fit. lol.

I see you around the Zelda forum alot, and you seem to know everything about it. I found it rather impressive. lol.

Plus, I read your metriod song and I'd have to say I like it. I would not want to be around a metroid either. Though, if you play Super Metriod for Super Nintendo, then those metriods arnt so bad. He even helps you in the end. lol.

Anyway, must be off. If you ever feel like it, check out my site at http://www.geocities.com/games_3485/index.html

Squall0 Corruption
Sep 10, 05 7:06pm
Xbox sucks like a box of ticks.

Seen ya around GS nd I love the RP!!!

animegirl Corruption
Aug 14, 05 7:54am
AJ, come on! I'm 'animegirl'. Of course I know who she is! I have the manga. I have that font on my computer to type in. (Sad, I know.)

I like when she's in the dream and she uses her pig-tails to fly. -nod nod-

Anyway! I'm not going to put my stamp in here right now because I'm tired and I just got home from San Fansisco about 10 minutes ago. I'm also to lazy to go find it. So, Maybe later!

Love ya,
Chroma Corruption
Aug 13, 05 8:08am
helloooo!! Lei-chan with her ultra-sugary goodness here! I've come with expressions of love!

Now for a strange series of Events! ;3

<_< >_> pssst.....I took his lucky charms

Now take this!!

See!!? tinkerbell IS a ruthless MURDERER!!!

Now I must bid you adeau.... See ya soon!

~Lei-chan, signing out!~

igloooooooooo Corruption
Aug 1, 05 6:16pm
Thanks for learning me how to make images with something written on it.
So i'll sign your guestbook again!

TR Corruption
Jul 20, 05 9:55pm
Um...just thought I'd sign your guestbook...um...yeah...just don't harass me. I don't like that, and I will be P-O'd if you yell at me or insult me. Have a nice day.

Green Yoshi 2004 Corruption
Jul 7, 05 6:49am
Here's some stamps for you. I hope you like them.

Justin Time Corruption
Jul 7, 05 6:21am
I'm new here,and your the first to respond to my threads so im just saying hi...funny profile!Xbox rocks!Oh crap!No Sephy!Ow that hurts!Okay okay...Xbox sucks ticks!
DianWei04 Corruption
Jul 3, 05 2:37am
Doin random signin and you've been Chosen!

You've Been....

Visit my Neohome!
Felix Issac Corruption
Jul 2, 05 3:43am
Thank you for the instructions to become a master class in the best djinn thread:)
Also Ishlar04 pwns and Xbox sucks like a bucket of ticks.(You told whoever signs your guest book should say this, so i did)
animegirl Corruption
Jun 30, 05 3:22am
Nice to see I gave you a job. Now you can feed the youngins:thick:

It's been tons of fun having you as a friend. You can always make me laugh, even when I'm feeling sad. I'm very grateful that I met you, Ishi.

-lots of love and hugs-


P.S. Here is my stamp! w00t!

Zero_is_just_cool Corruption
Jun 21, 05 6:07pm
Hey Master-Ishilar You was cool for showing me how to host a banner to post in the forum!! I've also made a stamp, and my first stamped is...

I hope that you liked it!

PS: Please delete the last post since the stamp appeared too small, that why the double posting (sorry).
igloooooooooo Corruption
Jun 21, 05 2:19am
Do you want to be my friend?
I'd love to!
I just read your preferences and I love the things you do.
So I decided to sign your guestbook.

copkilla Corruption
Jun 19, 05 5:03am
hey i'm just goin around signing guestbooks and i saw you like final fantasy.maybe we can chat sometime?if not you still rock and have a cool avatar.seeya.
igloooooooooo Corruption
Jun 14, 05 5:24pm
Hey thanks for giving me strategies on how to beat star magician.Like you said I will level up my characters and use my strongest one-target psynergies.And I will not use my summons.

[img]www.pyromanuniversity.com/.../ Misc/azul.jpg[/img]

Zero_is_just_cool Corruption
Jun 11, 05 11:52pm
Man I hav to say the truth... You remembered some things that I'd never could about GS. I admire you for that AND for your persistance (you have REALLY that *bleep*** *p XBOX?).
triforceofwisdom Corruption
Jun 5, 05 5:19pm
Just saying hi!

And that my signature SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

And Ishilar04 pwns. w00t.


*insert awesome stamp here*
SunnyDelight Corruption
May 24, 05 11:09pm
I decided to sign your guestbook so here you go.
goldensunfanatic Corruption
May 22, 05 2:25pm
Heres my stamp cz I'm on a signing spree...
Chroma Corruption
May 8, 05 12:55am
Hiya, It's Lei-chan's National Friend Day! I'm so happy We're all friends, It warms My heart ^___^ I made a stamp for my special day ^o^ So here ya go!!

Losta Love,

Green Yoshi 2004 Corruption
May 2, 05 6:39am
Hello, I'm just on a signing spree.

Mestipho05 Corruption
Apr 3, 05 8:43pm
Ishilar04 (my brother) has always made me well... mad. He always has to be better than me. Every time I try to do something, he says he could do it better, then demonstrates.
Green Yoshi 2004 Corruption
Mar 30, 05 3:35am
I know it's been a while since I singed a Guestbook so here's my stamp.