Flame Phoenix Corruption
Aug 25, 06 2:11am
Hey! I hope you like the title! mhm.
You are really cool, and i loved the food fight in the rp, it was fun!
Well hope you enjoy my stamp. bye!

Chroma Corruption
Jul 3, 06 10:58pm
Omigawd! Do you know what day it is?? Don't look at the suject title!!

Happy Birthday, Ishi! The Big 16.... One of the milestones in life. Along with 18,21,35,50... and 73.68 ((random number!)) Yes! This day is your day! So.... Go find something and write your name all over it!

And lucky you that your Birthday is in the summer. Sooo... Here's some yummy cookies, oh gracious cookie god --

Heh heh heh... Whoopsies! You just forget that now >_>; HERE'S the real present!

Yeah, David put up quite a fight for that cookie! But I... "Took care" Of him ^_- Mehehehehehe.... *cough!* if any police come around, tell them I'm in Hawaii.

Sooo... Happy Birthday to the cookie god!

~ Best Birthday wishes from ~
Akiva Corruption
Jun 26, 06 6:00am
I saw your Azumanga Daioh stamp and I though "I gotta have that!"

So this signing is on conditon that you stamp my guestbook with that. Please.

Chaos Seraph Corruption
May 7, 06 5:24pm
Stamping spree! ^^
For lack of something better to do. xp

Zero_is_just_cool Corruption
Apr 29, 06 5:21pm
Well... There is some time that you don't post anything that doesn't make sense, so I ask: Where are you? I mean, the real Ishiçar 04? Do you remenber your TRUE NAME?

triforceofwisdom Corruption
Mar 19, 06 11:25pm
I haven't seen you in the OoT forum in ages... Where did you go???

Here's a reminder to come back. XD

animegirl Corruption
Feb 23, 06 7:23am




Chroma Corruption
Feb 14, 06 11:40pm
Happy Valentines love-kiss-hug Day!! I'm signing 'cause I luff you! (and your cool! >=3 )

Well, I hope you had a special someone on V-day! We all know how important love is... It's right up there with world domination! That's important! =0 So, don't let this sugar-induced day go to waste! SEIZE THE MOMENT, CHILD!! here's your stamp

Yay! ^o^ Now is the time to pork down more chocolate, so for heaven sake, pork down more chocolate!! Now.... I have a uber-special-kiss for ~you~!

~~JESUS CHRIST!!! 0_o~~

Those Kids came with the deal, sorry XD But just think of it! You could ship that to a third-world country and THEY could have a happy valentines TOO!!

...or, you could keep it for yourself! You Just converse with your shoulder angel and devil for the time being

~~Extra bundles of love~~
Chaos Seraph Corruption
Feb 14, 06 3:30am
Its been fun being your friend, thanks for everything. Have fun. ^^

Chroma Corruption
Jan 31, 06 12:43am
Yo! How've ya been! It's been awhile, huh?

sorry I haven't signed lately (I'm such a lazy, lazy girl =X ) but I'm back-- with a vengeance!

Well, anyway, I hope you've been well, and have been worshiping the Smore'z God every day like a good little boy! (you better!) and now, the ultra-stamp~!

Huzzah! That'll be 15 bucks! *get's slapped by her alter Eggo (waffle) * I mean, it's absolutely free of charge for you! Thank you for shopping at Lei-Chan's stamp shop!

(See you around! Let's talk sometime, kay? )

Sophs (Formerly known as Tim who got her name legally changed to Lei! >=0 )
Glitzville Corruption
Jan 26, 06 7:25pm

I am EmmieGurl's sweet little slave, and loving it!

This signing has been brought to you by Glitzville, the sexy and annoying one.

I <3 My Master Emily!
Sword Master Corruption
Dec 30, 05 5:24pm
I thought I'd give out random signings to people I look up to and respect

Crap stamp, isnt it?

You have been stamped by a member of the Anti Valter League known as
Green Yoshi 2004 Corruption
Dec 26, 05 3:32pm
Hello, just passing by and signing guestbooks. sorry if this is a little late. If the image doesn't show try right clicking and selecting "view image".

Light Druid Corruption
Dec 25, 05 8:09am
Just dropping in to wish you a Merry Christmas. Its been great visiting forums with you all. Hope to say Merry Christmas again next year. So until then I wish you a

~Light Druid
Chroma Corruption
Dec 15, 05 10:03pm
The Hell I owe you a Doller!! And stop communicating through my DOOR KNOCKER!! everone thinks I'm on drugs ;_; I mean, it's perfectly normal to talk to your dead friend (Who keeps messin' up my name with SCROOGE >:[ ) through a door-Knocker in broad daylight! =D

Jeeze, christmas is so far away... >_>;; can you arrange for that third ghost to come early? I want me summa them marshmellow snowmen Xp ahhh.... now for yer stamps! BEWARE THE CUTENESS!!

Happy Holidays!! a.k.a FESTIVUS!! It OWNS yer soul XD

rawr! Lei's super happy! Cause it's Christmas break!! But Lei shall not celebrate Christmas anymore... but rather.... FESTIVUS!! (obsessed!)

Thank you very Very Much for signing my guest book.... First things first, I sign witha Thank ya stamp! X_x Here's lookin' at you, Kid:

I'd sing, but, y'know...... Happy Holidays!! Stay happy-- or else!!

Now dere's a matter of your Holiday stamp! Jeeze, you people are greedy... Isn't my undying love and devotion enough!!?(wait..... naw, 'course it isn't )

No...? Damn, it was worth a shot ~~ so here's yer uberful cute Christmassy Stamp!!

It's a Festivus Miracle! (that you didn't die on impact of the cuteness) =D Stay healthy and happy! Lei hopes to chat with you soon! ( when She's not breaking ornaments for the FAKE tree X_x )

Chaos Seraph Corruption
Dec 10, 05 1:54am

Merry Christmas A.J!
Happy Holidays! ^^

Light Druid Corruption
Dec 9, 05 5:49am

Well that takes care of that!

Oh, and keep the cha...Oh that's right, there is none.

Have a Merry Christmas!

~Light Druid

saturos_05 Corruption
Dec 8, 05 3:41am
Hi. Just thought I should sign your guestbook. Are you going to sign my guestbook?
Chobi Corruption
Dec 8, 05 12:52am
±±± Happy Holidays ±±±

« Chobo the Hobo»
animegirl Corruption
Dec 7, 05 8:30am
They're out to kill us!

Anywho! Just thought I'd drop by and sign here, again. Feel lucky! lol.

You're my bestest friend on this site. -hugs super tight-
I, honestly, don't know what I'd do without you, AJ. Thank you for always being there for me.

Love you tons,
Ecto Corruption
Nov 18, 05 7:15pm
Stamp Spree! I showing off my new stamp to everybody while signing there guestbook. Nifty, eh?
Nov 12, 05 5:06am
Daffy Rocks!
Oh well, guess I've taken up enough space in you guestbook! Happy Thanksgiving, and Christmnas, and New years, and Valentines day, and and and...
I dont know what else?
Chroma Corruption
Oct 30, 05 4:12pm
Hello my friend!! here comes the days where we must feast on candy... and trick my brother into taking those nasty gummies in return for his chocolate mwuhahahaha.... but anyways! ^ ^;; I hope you have a great Candeh day!! now, here's a skurry stamp from Lei!!

see!? its badly made ( blame teh broken paint shop) AND, it's sickiningly cute! COWER IN FEAR!!!
Crystal Crusher Corruption
Oct 26, 05 8:39pm
Ishilar04 pwns and that Xbox sucks like a bucket of ticks (happy now?)

just 4t id say hi. by the way, i put my character down for the dawn of twighlight thing So watch out. plz sign my guestbook wheneva possible. Thx

Have a great time in the Gs2 forum, even thought u came last year :/

(crystal crusher)