Crystal Creation Cormocodran
Oct 14, 07 3:54am
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
GreatPhoenix Cormocodran
Mar 15, 07 7:55am
I'd just let you sign my guestbook and get away with do you!?


There we go you have been stamped! Oh I noticed your a Neo-duelist now congrats maybe we should beat up of each sometime, eh?
Crystal Creation Cormocodran
Feb 05, 07 1:56am
hey dude. Thought i'd sign your Guestbook. C ya around the GS Forum!

I hate him but whatever
Reason Cormocodran
Jan 13, 07 4:25am
'Tis the luck of the Irish that my master and saviour is none other than The Hero Hartmut. This is definitive; he is not just A Hero Hartmut.

This message was sexified by The Hero Hartmut just now.
I Am Steely Phil Cormocodran
Jan 10, 07 2:24am
You mean the world to me, Tiger.
To my beloved Kali,
Hurting you was such a mistake.
The last thing I'd ever want,
Is to upset my darling Rake.

You're my world,
My one and only.
Without you,
I'd be cold and lonely.

If you could only,
See my face.
You'd know I feel,
Like such a disgrace.

I'm down on my knees,
I'm begging to you.
Please find it in your heart,
To do what's true.

All your pain,
I wish was mine.
So please forgive me,
For this crime.

Xavier Silvermoon Cormocodran
Dec 25, 06 8:33am
You're the first member I've seen to use the word "wicked" in a way that is consistent with its actual definition!

i wuv j00

Hopefully you're from New England. Otherwise, hang yourself.
Crystal Crusher Cormocodran
Dec 10, 06 5:22am
Hey! just thought i'd demonstrate a stamp to your guestbook. Enjoy!

Btw i don't know if I really am going to get Halo or not... :[

Crystal Crusher Cormocodran
Dec 03, 06 1:56am
Hey dude! Thanks for Signng. Nuffins new really....except for the Nintendo Wii!!

Well anyways, c ya later!

P.S I dont have a clue what the whole 125 characters is all about Oo
Chroma Cormocodran
Nov 01, 06 10:23am
Happy Halloween! …. And if you don’t celebrate Hallow-whatsit, Then go out and buy yourself some candy, you poor, poor soul Anyway, due to all those complaints from The Christians—I-I mean, “Minorities”! *cough* Due to all the complaints from the MINORITIES, I will always call this holiday…. International Candeh day. (FTW!) Ha ha ha! So, put on a Richard Simmons exercise video, and be terrified! >=O My Corneas still hurt from the last encounter…. ;_;

Well, because I officially “creep people out” when I go trick-or-treating (who said getting older was fun? ;_; ) I, Will be sitting on my arse… watching cheesy horror flicks… sobbing over my lost youth… and eating Reeses.

….. How do you eat YOUR Reeses?? Answer quickly, for at this very moment, a deadly nerve gas is filling your room. You only have 36.2780 seconds to live. *Evil laughter* …. Just kidding! It’s only a SEMI-Deadly nerve gas! We’re gonna be okay!! *steals your candy while faking happiness* ~_~ (( That was a SAW reference, by the way…. I need a cool nick name, like “Jigsaw” did! >=O ooo! Just call me…. Crossword!! )

Y’know, this year, I was gonna go as a serial killer. I mean, they look JUST LIKE everyone else! 0_0 It’s the perfect costume! I mean, did they ever suspect Mister Rogers of being a serial killer?? NO! Not until that last moment, when He snapped poor little Donkey Hodie…. ;_; But I even had my first victim planned out! >=o Behold!

Magically Delicious my Ass!! ((she’s got them slogans messed up…. ))

Sigh…. Well, I guess this spastic message is coming to an end… So I have one final thing for you—


h-a-p-p-y c-a-n-d-y d-a-y!!! *hugNkisses*

~~Mucho quiero,
Chaos Seraph Cormocodran
Feb 14, 06 8:40am
You frequent my favourite Forum, so prepare for stampage. ;]
Have fun.

FLAMEASS Cormocodran
Jan 27, 06 10:49pm
Yunalookalike told me to sign your guest book, Apologizing to her.

It seems like I tend to upset you more time
and time again.
Then when I say I'm sorry and want to fix it,
Your feelings won't let me mend.
I'm sorry for all the stupid mistakes I make that
appear to let you down.
I never mean to flip your beautiful smile upside
down into a frown.

Glitzville Cormocodran
Jan 26, 06 4:21am

I am EmmieGurl's sweet little slave, and loving it!

This signing has been brought to you by Glitzville, the sexy and annoying one.

I <3 My Master Emily!