Meh... Forget about it. Too lazy to update and not pretty sure anyone cares. No point in it XD.


I like to play games basically during my free time like:
The Legend of Zelda series
The Metroid Series
Tales of Symphonia
Fire Emblem 7&8
Generally a lot of RPG's

I love to watch Japanese anime's and I love the simpsons, seeing how i grew up on the show. Futurama is a good show too (made by the same creator as the Simpsons (Yay Matt Groeing))

-Prejudice people (racists, homophobes, and jerks alike)
-Condicendors (those who think they are better than everyone else)
-And people her are really obnoxious or immature to the point of intolerance


What toys do when you aren't around.....

Old Zelda comercial?
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